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Fashion Week

Pulsing and sultry, featuring a sensual groove, with shimmering synth riffs and electronic elements. Creates a cool and confident mood. Great for fashion, fashion shows, catwalk, innovation, technology, culture and high style.

  • $39.95

Smoking Gun

Dark and mysterious, featuring pulsing bass, eerie textures and a groove that creates a gloomy mood. Atmospheric with a sense of suspense and imminent danger. Works well for crime drama, horror and suspense.

  • $49.95

Dark Places

Laid back and dark, featuring acoustic guitar and ethereal slide guitar. Creates a mysterious and suspenseful mood. Works well, for mystery, suspense tension, rural south, backwoods, swamps.

  • $39.95

Detroit Soul

Big Motown Detroit sound with punchy horns and a solid groove. Creates a mood of accomplishment. Great for empowerment, sports, victory, motivational or anything anthemic. Big and proud!

  • $39.95

60s Retro Soul

Bouncy and bright, reminiscent of 60’s Motown. Featuring energetic piano, baritone sax and driving bass and drums. This happy, joyful and upbeat music would work well for advertisements, retro media, radio spots, vintage productions and any feel good project.

  • $10.00


Laid back and warm. Featuring slide guitar and a mellow, soft rock groove that creates a calm and sentimental mood. Works well for family, home, kicking back, relaxing and hanging out.

  • $39.95

Breezy Summer Day

Warm and atmospheric. Featuring beautiful piano melodies and synth textures that build into a dreamy soundscape. Works well for underscore, lifestyle, dreams, nature and family.

  • $39.95

Happy Carefree Indie Pop

Upbeat and energetic Indie Pop. Featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar and synth textures that create a happy and playful mood. Great for youth, adventure, road trips, summer, teens and tweens.

  • $39.95

Dance Magic

Upbeat, techno, dance club instrumental. Happy-go-lucky, carefree and youthful synth-pop track. Catchy synth lines, lively beat and positive vibes.Versatile – Kids, tweens, teens, youthful fashion, adventure, video games, corporate branding, positive and fun image!

  • $49.95

Bouncy Bad Boy

Bouncy and bright, featuring electric guitar and an upbeat Pop-Rock groove that creates a youthful feel. Great for reality TV, advertising, 20 something, 30 something, kids, teens and toys.

  • $39.95

Tropical Cumbia Party

Bouncy and bright. Fun, danceable Latin, Peruvian, Cumbia beat with a guitar-driven melody, grooving bass line and fiery percussion. Creates a happy and carefree mood. Great for Latin culture, beach, travel, tropical settings, dance contests, vacations or celebrations.

  • $39.95

Hip Hop Reggaeton

Laidback and bouncy, featuring pulsing synth textures and a seductive Reggaeton groove that creates a party atmosphere. Puerto Rico, Miami, Havana, Tropical, Travel, Fiesta, Night Clubs, Fashion, Latino, Latina, Beach Party.

  • $39.95

Latin Party

Bright and bouncy Salsa Merengue. Featuring montuno piano, punchy horns and cheerful ethnic percussion. Festive and spirited. Works well for Latin dance competitions, travel, Latin culture or anything tropical.

  • $39.95

Light Jazz Guitar

Smooth and warm, reminiscent of the 50s and early 60s. Featuring melodic jazzy guitar, acoustic piano, dreamy horns and a light groove. Creates an atmospheric and mellow mood. Great for luxury, lifestyle, dining, on hold, vacations or anything elegant and upscale.

  • $39.95

Upbeat Cheerful 50s Pop

Upbeat and bright. Featuring a cheerful whistle, piano, baritone sax and a 50s Retro-Pop groove. Evokes that classic 50s sound creating a happy, optimistic mood. Works well for summer, beach parties, sunshine and your next 50s Doo-Wop project!

  • $39.95

Deck The Halls – Modern

Bouncy and upbeat pop groove for this Christmas classic. Featuring harpsichord and piano layered with strings and orchestral elements. Creates a joyous and happy mood. Christmas, Christmas party, Santa, Macy’s Day Parade.

  • $39.95

Hero’s Welcome

Bold and Majestic. Featuring dramatic orchestral textures that create a heroic and triumphant mood. Our hero is returning from hard-fought battle. The world has been saved! A fanfare of brass instruments fit for a king’s triumphant return. Evokes victory, triumph, grand vistas, military and patriotic marches.

  • $49.95

Majestic Triumph

Inspirational, uplifting and building. Majestic and dramatic music featuring woodwinds, triumphant brass, soaring strings and bombastic percussion. Breaks down to softer sections and builds to a grand finale! Optimistic and hopeful! Great for sports, news, empowerment, heroes, games or any project needing a heroic feel!

  • $39.95

Spaghetti Western

Building, Bold and Majestic. Featuring signature eerie whistle and tremelo guitar with dramatic orchestral elements. Strings, horns, men’s choir, thunderous drums and orchestral bells build to a soaring climax! Creates a heroic and triumphant mood. Works well for victory, triumph, achievement (or maybe cheesy comedy?).

  • $49.95

Children Marching

Bouncy and upbeat. Featuring flute, marimba and orchestra that creates a whimsical and playful mood. Great for kids, cartoons, kid shows, toy commercials and children adventures.

  • $39.95