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Cinematic Romance

Warm, smooth and building. Featuring flute, emotive piano and a heartfelt melody. Builds with soothing strings and orchestral textures that create a peaceful and reflective mood. Works well for human drama, romance and emotional moments.

  • $39.95


Light, sneaky and quirky. Featuring pizzicato strings, muted guitar, vibes, woodwinds and sparse percussion that creates a tense, inquisitive mood. Works well for quirky comedy, dramedy, spy, children’s cartoon, bumbling robbers, office pranks or sneaking thieves.

  • $39.95

Happy Upbeat Retro Soul

Bouncy and bright with a retro RnB Soul groove. Featuring punchy horns in a vintage 60s, 70s style. Creates a happy, upbeat mood. Great for parties, celebrations, good-times or any project that needs a happy vibe!

  • $39.95

Dance It Out

Energetic and upbeat. Featuring vocalese, pulsing electronic elements, 4 on the floor groove, and a bright synth melody that creates a happy and uplifting mood. Great for dance clubs, parties, celebrations and fashion.

  • $39.95

Swamp Gator

Gritty and laid back. Southern blues rock featuring acoustic guitar on a catchy riff, distorted slide guitar and a punchy rhythm section. Bold and confident. Great for hillbilly crime, biker bars, working man, blue collar, moonshine, swamps, red neck clubs or anything down and grungy!

  • $39.95

Inspired Dreamer

Uplifting, inspirational and building. Featuring acoustic piano layered with strings and orchestral elements. Builds to a confident climax that creates a feeling of optimism and hope. Motivating and emotional. Works well for promotion, teamwork, empowerment, corporate advertising and commercials.

  • $39.95

Brahms Lullaby

Peaceful and delicate. A traditional arrangement of a universally loved lullaby featuring a solo music box then joined by a mother’s voice, humming along, lulling her child to sleep.

  • $39.95

Swamp Jam

Smoky and determined. Bluesy southern acoustic rock featuring a catchy riff, slide guitar, vocalese and a punchy rhythm section. Bold and confident. Appalachia, Smokey Mountains, Country Bars, Hillbillies, Rural South, Red Necks, Americana, Backwoods, Swamps, Moonshine, Honky Tonks, Macho, Reality TV.

  • $39.95

Heartfelt Home

Warm and up-beat featuring melodic acoustic guitar and shimmering textures. In the style of Folk Pop, Americana, creating a feel-good, friendly mood. Great for human spirit, heartland, home, family and any media project needing an organic feel.

  • $39.95

Home Grown

Warm and upbeat. Featuring melodic guitar in the style of Folk- Rock or Americana-Rock. Creates a feel-good, friendly mood. Great for human spirit, heartland, home, family and corporate advertising.

  • $39.95


Dark, somber and building. Featuring acoustic guitar, cello, violin and pulsing textures that create a sad, gloomy mood. Works well for tragedy, loss, sadness, anything somber.

  • $39.95

Homeward Bound

Warm and reflective. Features a gentle finger picking acoustic guitar riff. Builds with acoustic piano, vocal textures and orchestral elements to a climatic ending. Creates an introspective, mellow mood. Perfect for any production looking for that Indie Folk sound. Works well for home, family, nature, advertising and more!

  • $39.95

Tex-Mex Fiesta

Upbeat and energetic. A Tex-Mex, Tejano style, Mexican Polka. Featuring accordion, mariachi horns and a driving beat. Creates a celebratory, happy mood with a party atmosphere. Great for Mexican style settings such as Cinco de Mayo, Mexican restaurants, Quinceanera parties and Fiestas.

  • $39.95

Time To Party

Bright and upbeat. Featuring a dance groove with a Tropical vibe. Melodic Marimba and synths create a cheerful and celebratory mood. Great for dance, vacation, celebrations, summer and beach parties.

  • $39.95

Sexy Tango

Sexy and seductive Tango. Featuring acoustic piano, accordion and solo violin. Creates a sensuous and romantic mood. Great for romance, vacations and passionate moments.

  • $39.95


Uplifting, inspirational and building. Featuring piano, atmospheric synth textures and warm strings. Builds to a confident climax that creates a feeling of hope and inspiration. Motivating and emotional. Works well for promotion, teamwork, corporate adverstising and commercials.

  • $39.95

Pachelbel Canon in D

An evocative, heartwarming rendition of Pachelbel Canon in D. This haunting version features the classic melody alternating with piano, flutes, oboe and strings. Begins with a simple piano and builds to a full, lush orchestra. A wedding favorite! Human Drama, Romance, Public Domain.

  • $39.95

Dreamy Dancer

Gleaming and encouraging. Featuring electric guitars, radiant synthesizers and downtempo drums. Creates an uplifting, honored mood. Works great for promotions, summer getaways, travel, fashion, luxury and lifestyle.

  • $39.95

My Jam

Upbeat, friendly, energetic melodic Indie rock track. Featuring guitar, whistle and vocalese with a positive, empowering vibe. Evokes team spirit, high motivation and a great attitude! Great for teens, tweens, road trips, youthful ad campaigns and celebrations.

  • $39.95

Regal Dance

Light and floating, Neo-Classical Baroque piece featuring harpsichord and string quartet. Creates a noble, dignified and honored mood. Works well for history, ancient settings, weddings, documentaries, art films or kitsch.

  • $49.95