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Pop Rock Revival

Bright and upbeat Pop-Rock. Featuring rockin’ electric guitar that creates a friendly, cheerful mood. Road Trip, Good-Times, Sunshine, Adverts, Celebration.

  • $39.95

Velvet Midnight

Warm and tender Indie rock, featuring heart-felt tremolo electric guitar that creates a reflective and sentimental mood. Human Drama, Soft Sell, Intimate Moments, Romance.

  • $39.95

Brain Noize

Silly and Fun. Featuring quirky vocalese, wacky percussion and strange nonsense. Creates a chaotic and lively mood. Good for cartoons, comedy and anything off beat

  • $39.95

Be A Party

Upbeat and energetic. A blend of Afrobeat and modern dance pop. Features guitar, vocals, horns, scratching and percussion. Creates a celebratory, happy mood with a party atmosphere. Great for many settings such as dance scenes, tropical themes, African settings, travel or vacation themes.

  • $39.95

Guiseppe’s Tango

Bouncy and upbeat, featuring mandolin, accordion, solo violin and light urban elements. Infused with Tango influences creating a seductive and romantic mood. Romance, Travel, Adventure, Restaurants.

  • $39.95

Deck The Halls – Modern

Bouncy and upbeat pop groove for this Christmas classic. Featuring harpsichord and piano layered with strings and orchestral elements. Creates a joyous and happy mood. Christmas, Christmas party, Santa, Macy’s Day Parade.

  • $39.95

Feres Jacques

In this traditional French children’s song we hear the playful melody carried by a warm bell like instrument. A subtle pulsing groove provides a trance-like atmosphere. Later, the introduction of harpsichord, cello and flute injects an unexpected element of the traditional mixed in with the contemporary electronic instruments.

  • $39.95


Warm, evocative and building. Featuring acoustic piano, heartfelt strings, synth textures, light percussion and a heartfelt melody. Creates an expansive, dreamy mood. Romance, Nature, Human Drama, Emotions, Family.

  • $39.95