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The Many Facets Of Latin Music

Latin music is a genre that refers to music where Spanish and Portuguese are spoken. Despite how simple this definition sounds, Latin music is quite complex. This is because it spans over many countries and is made up of various sub-genres and styles that give it a unique flavor in comparison to other forms of music. Royalt Free Latin Music

Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, and Argentina are a few countries where Latin music is extremely popular. Before the pre-Columbian era, the indigenous population of the Americas had their own musical heritage. However, the Europeans and African slaves also brought their own beats, instruments, and musical styles to the region. The combination of all these elements gave birth to what is now known as Latin music. In short, the Spanish, Portuguese and Africans have had a hand in molding the music of the indigenous people and giving it the distinct flavor which gives this genre it’s distinct identity.

Today, Latin music is one of the most popular musical genres. This is because it has managed to gain worldwide appeal even among non-Latinos. In fact, major recording labels have separate divisions that cater to the music industry of Latin America as well as other parts of the world. Also, there is the Latin Grammy Awards as well as the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame which are exclusively for artists and performers who belong to this genre. This goes to show how Latin music has evolved to become a full-fledged genre in its own right.

Types of Latin Music

Because Latin music is not restricted to one place, there are different variations, styles and subgenres. The diversity of Latin music is what makes it so special. Every region has adopted their own unique version of this genre. Also, different artists add their own personal touch which further adds to the uniqueness. However, for the sake of this article. we have rounded up a few of the most popular subgenres in order to shed light on the different facets of Latin music. Let’s take a look at what makes Latin music so special.


Samba is a perfect example of African influence on Latin music. Apart from being a musical form, Samba is also a Brazilian dance form that is part of the identity of the country. Through music and dance, the Brazilians showcase their history, food, attire, and art. In short, Samba is not only a form of music but a part of the Brazilian lifestyle.

During the early days of Samba, only a few string and percussion instruments were used. After World War II, American music began to have an impact on Samba and other instruments such as trumpets, flutes and clarinets were incorporated.


Salsa is the combination of various music styles from Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. This music is a fusion of Spanish strings, African percussion as well as American jazz. Apart from this, the conga drum is one of the most popular instruments that people identify salsa with. At times, salsa has been blended with other styles such as Rock, R&B as well as funk.

The early salsa musicians were predominately Puerto Rican who moved to New York in the 1970’s. As time went on, this music caught on to other parts of the world and thus became a global phenomenon.

Latin Pop

Latin pop can refer to pop music that is influenced by Latin America or it could also be used to refer to pop music in Spanish-speaking countries. Latin pop is the most popular subgenre among the rest. Today, most people know Latin music through Latin pop. This music form began to gain widespread appeal in the United states during the 1980s-1990s. In fact, there were many non-Latino fans who religiously followed Latin pop artists back in those days.

Some of the most widely recognized Latin pop artists include Thalia, Ricky Martin, Shakira and Enrique Iglesias. These artists are still famous and have millions of fans worldwide.

Latin ballad

Derived from Bolero (another form of Latin music with its own dance form). Latin ballad is also known as a romantic ballad. This is because the lyrics of the accompanying songs are predominantly about love. The first known Latin ballad was “Sonata of love” by Mario Alvarez in 1961.

During the 1970s, Latin Ballad reached its height of popularity. Many Latin Balladeers such as Roberto Carlos, Camilo Sesto, Rocio Durcal released hit tracks during this period. Over time, this music form picked elements from others to create a unique combination. Romantic salsa is one such example of a combination of ballad and salsa.

Latin Alternative

This form of Latin music combines various other genres such as alternative rock, metal, reggae etc. with Latin musical elements. During the 1960’s, many artists started to experiment with traditional rock music by incorporating instruments that were hitherto used to create Latin music only.

Soon, the influence of Latin music spread to other musical genres and the term “Latin alternative” was coined to refer to these forms of music.

As you can tell, Latin music is a broad subject. With the passage of time, this genre has evolved greatly and spread widely throughout the world.

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A Look At The World Of Funk Music

The word “funk” is actually slang for a strong smell and early on it implied stronger rhythmic patterns. The harder rhythms made the songs sound grittier and more urgent, this is what funk music is all about! Royalt Free Funk Music

Back in the 1960‘s, a new genre was making its way to the American music scene. A mixture of R&B, jazz and soul music, albeit with more rhythm. This genre was largely made popular by the soul and R&B musicians of that time. They wanted to create something stronger and more appropriate for the dance floor.

Preceding the disco era, this type of music was not initially welcomed by all — perhaps because it was considered such a departure from mainstream music. However, as time went on, funk music caught on and soon made its way to the dance floor.

Famous Funk Artists Back In The Day

As funk music started to gain momentum, more and more musicians began to experiment with it. One of the most popular funk musicians of that time was James Brown. His string of hits brought about a funk revolution. (Think, I Feel Good, Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag, Sex Machine.)

Another giant was George Clinton. He brought about the concept of funk-rock emphasizing his own brand of rock guitar. Rick James pushed the genre even further. Other notable artists who dabbled in this genre include Michael Jackson (remember his song, Billie Jean?) and Prince. As time went on, it became clear that funk music was here to stay as more and more artists incorporated their own unique funk hybrids into their music.

Funk Music Today

Today, funk music is gaining more and more fans worldwide as famous musicians release songs that rely heavily on the characteristics of this genre. Perhaps the biggest example of it’s growing popularity today is Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk”. This song claimed the top spot for many weeks in the Billboard Hot 100 list in 2015.

Snoop Dogg also revived funk with “Peaches n Cream” and Maroon 5 redid their popular track “Sugar” in a funkier fashion. Other funk artists worth mentioning include Janelle Monae, Pharrell Williams and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, known for coming up with amazing funky tracks.

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Country Music Through The Years

Country music is a popular genre that originated in the South of the United States during the 1920s. This form of music took its roots from the ballads and folk songs of the English settlers. In the early days of its inception, country music was known as “hillbilly music”. However, as time went on, this form of music became widespread and the name changed to country and Western music. The recording industry further shortened the name of this genre to country music. Royalty Free Country Music

Instruments Featured In Country Music

Instruments featured in country music include the fiddle and guitar as lead instruments along with the banjo, harmonica, dobro, and mandolin. Vocals are usually in the form of a solo singer or a high close harmony. During the Great Depression and World War II, people from the South migrated to larger cities and this is how country music was exposed to other musical genres. Soon, more than twenty sub-genres of country music evolved including Tex-Mex, Bluegrass, Cajun, Tulsa Sound etc.

Country Music Artists

Country music would never have come so far without the people behind it. Ever since this genre came into being decades ago, there have been numerous artists over the years. Talking about all of them is impossible so we will only pick a handful of country musicians for this article.

First Generation Country Artists

In 1923, Fiddlin’ John Carson recorded the first commercial hit of this genre. Soon, small radios stations emerged in the Southern cities and their broadcasts helped to push country music in front of a larger audience. Such radio shows gained immense popularity and this paved the way for more country singers to land recording deals. The first generation of recording artists apart from Fiddlin’ John Carson included Samantha Bumgarner, Jimmie Rodgers, and Cliff Carlisle. These people are considered the pioneers of country music records since they were the first batch to land record deals with major recording companies of that time.

Second Generation Country Artists

In 1930-1940, the second generation of country musicians cropped up. A lot of changes took place during this period. country music, such as cowboy songs, that were recorded during the 1920‘s began to be used in films. Apart from this, many country music bands began to use drums as part of their instrument line-up. Before this period, drums were not considered a good fit for this genre. However, drummers remained backstage during a live performance. A decade later, the third generation emerged and it is considered the golden age of country music. This period saw the birth of “Rockabilly”, a combination of rock and roll, country music and blues. The legendary Elvis Presley gained widespread popularity during this period and he became an iconic figure for not only country music but American music as a whole. It comes as no surprise that during 1956, many Rockabilly songs topped the billboard charts.

Fourth Generation Country Artists

During the fourth generation, many other sub-genres of country music took roots. One of the most popular sub-genres of that time was country pop. Many pop artists of that time crossed over to country music and took over the music charts with numerous hit songs. Notable names of this period include Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Barbara Mandrell etc. Country rock became increasingly popular during the 1970’s. Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and Eagles are some of the names that come to mind whenever country rock is mentioned. Apart from this, a new subgenre by the name of Truck driving country also emerged. This music focused on the life and love of truck drivers.

Fifth Generation Country Artists

The 1990‘s saw the fifth generation of country music. During this time, country music gained worldwide appeal and became one of the most popular genres. Garth Brooks is credited with expanding country music on a global scale. Other popular artists and bands of that time include The Dixie chicks, Clint Black, Faith Hill, Shania Twain etc.

Sixth Generation Country Artists

From the year 2000 on-wards, the sixth generation of country music began. Currently, this genre is going strong with numerous artists topping various music charts and selling millions of albums worldwide. These artists have loyal fans globally and are enjoying fame through their music. Some popular artists of this period include Bon Jovi, Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. Many of these country musicians have received notable musical awards such as the Grammy, the Emmy, and Billboard music awards. For example, Taylor Swift has 10 Grammy awards to her credit and is considered one of the best-selling artists of all time.

Current Generation Country Artists

Another famous artist of this generation, Carrie Underwood, is the first and only country musician whose debut landed her on the number spot in Billboard’s top 100. She continues to enjoy success and is breaking records with her albums. Teen sensations such as Miley Cyrus, Hayden Panettiere, and Jennette McCurdy also released commercially successful country songs and gained huge fan followings due to this. Today, country music is so widespread that it is hard to imagine our world without it. The artists of this genre have not only become a household name but have garnered immense fame worldwide. No matter where you go, you are bound to find a fan of one artist or the other.

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