Friendly Fun – No Frums

Bright and upbeat. Driving Indie Garage Rock featuring electric guitar and organ. Creates a playful, enthusiastic mood. Youthful, Teen, Celebration, Road Trip.

  • $39.95

Happy Face – 30 Second

Bright and upbeat, with a driving Pop-Rock feel. Featuring acoustic piano, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Creates a positive and enthusiastic mood. Youthful, Teen, Celebration, Road Trip.

  • $39.95

Driving Upbeat Rock – 15 Second

Driving and upbeat, featuring an enthusiastic electric guitar melody, energetic horns and a bright Pop-Rock feel that creates a “feel-good” mood. Road Trip, Dreams, Sunshine, Summer, Youthful, Celebration, Teen.

  • $39.95

Enthusiastic Pop Rock – 15 Second

Radiant and confident, featuring bright synthesizer, electric guitar and drum kit that create an unstoppable, encouraging mood. Good Times, Inspiration, Youth, Road Trip.

  • $39.95

Playing In Sunshine – 15 Second

Bouncy and radiant with high energy pop rock elements. Featuring lively electric guitars creating a vibrant, fun mood. Party, Summer, Fun, Good Times, Sunshine, Tween, Youth, Teen.

  • $39.95

Motivational Pop Rock – 15 Second`

Bright and upbeat Pop-Rock. Featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano and a touch of synthesizer. Creates a positive and inspirational mood. Road Trip, Good-Times, Dreams, Sunshine, Infomercial.

  • $39.95

Pure Sunshine – 15 Second

Upbeat, happy-go-lucky, carefree youthful pop track. Features energetic guitars, catchy synthesizer lines, lively beat and positive vibes. Versatile – Kids, tweens, teens, youthful fashion, travel, adventure, corporate branding, positive and fun image.

  • $39.95

Bright And Driving – 15 Second

Bright and driving with pop rock elements, featuring heavy electric guitar and drum kit that creates an optimistic, enthusiastic mood. Advertising, Commercials, Teen, Tween, Road Trip, Youth, Good Times.

  • $39.95

Happy Ending – Loop

Warm, bright and building, featuring melodic electric guitar, rhythmic acoustic guitar and synth textures that create a joyful and optimistic mood. Soft Sell, Soft-Rock, Travel, Family.

  • $19.95

Happy Hearts – No Lead Guitar

Bright and upbeat Pop-Rock. Featuring electric guitar, bells, handclaps and a sunny groove. Creates an optimistic, positive mood. Summer, Youthful, Teen, Road Trip, Good-Times.

  • $39.95