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Upbeat and bouncy featuring quirky vocalese, whistling and 5 string banjo. Creates a cheerful and happy mood. Cartoons, Comedy, Off Beat, Hillbilly, Backwoods, Rural.

  • $39.95

Mellow Reflections

Warm and gentle, featuring electric piano that creates a reflective, relaxed mood. Commercials, Wedding, Education, Underscore, Drama.

  • $39.95


Bouncy and upbeat ragtime in the style of Scott Joplin. Featuring piano and tuba it’s perfect for use in early 1900s situations. Very catchy and toe tappin’! Great for comedy, silent films, cartoons, kid shows, documentaries, games and advertising.

  • $39.95


Dark and mysterious, featuring pulsing textures and eerie synths creating a gloomy mood. Crime Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Detective, Investigative, Surveillance.

  • $39.95

Thor’s Triumph

Begins with a sense of urgency and determination. Builds with anticipation to a final glorious and majestic triumph! Featuring acoustic piano, energetic strings, dramatic brass, glorious choir, and epic drums. Works well for adventure, discovery, exploration, quest, movie trailer and video games.

  • $69.95

Happy And Festive

Bright with a bouncy Dance groove, featuring synth brass hits and electric guitar that create a cheerful mood. Fashion, Atmospheric, Innovation, Travel, Food, Adventure, Parties, Life Style.

  • $39.95

Ska Party

A festive, happy and infectious ska track. A mixture of Tropical, Reggae and Afro styles featuring a catchy melody and a smokin’ horn section. Upbeat and lively sets a party mood. Jamaica, tropical, Game shows, travel, Caribbean, parties, vacations.

  • $39.95

Peaceful Meditation – No Synth

Warm and calming meditation music featuring acoustic piano. An evocative, delicate underscore that creates an intimate, soothing mood.

  • $49.95

Warm And Tender

Warm and peaceful, featuring acoustic guitar and a heartfelt melody that creates a romantic mood. Romance, Nature, Earthy, Organic, Emotions, Wedding, Family.

  • $39.95

Americana Acoustic Folk

Up-beat and building featuring acoustic guitar and piano. In the style of Americana, new country, acoustic folk. Creates a warm, positive and uplifting mood. Great for a earthy, human spirit, heartland, home type feel.

  • $39.95