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30 Second

Delicate Dreams – 30 Second

Warm and dreamy. Featuring acoustic piano, oboe, heartfelt vovalese, electronic textures and percussion. Creates a reflective and dreamy mood. Works well for human drama, emotions, family and nature.

  • $39.95

Shadows – 30 Second

Warm and tender, featuring acoustic guitar layered with acoustic piano and synth. Sweet and peaceful music creating a romantic and sentimental mood.

  • $39.95

War Games – 30 Second

Building and driving. Aggressive strings, soaring brass and rock elements create an intense, powerful cinematic landscape. Features a fusion of dramatic orchestral and electronic textures. Great for action, adventure, fighting, video games, war or anything needing an adrenaline rush!

  • $49.95

Free Spirit – 30 Second

Bright and upbeat. A driving Indie-Rock feel featuring electric guitar that creates a youthful, enthusiastic mood. Works well for teens, summer, celebrations, road trips and more!

  • $39.95

Mardi Gras Funk – 30 Second

Upbeat and bouncy. Featuring a New Orleans inspired brass section over a playful, jazzy, funky, hip hop beat. Creates a festive and lively mood. Great for Mardi Gras time at Crescent City or Jazzfest, Lounge and Nawlins, NOLA.

  • $39.95

Funky Stumble – 30 Second

Bouncy and energetic. Featuring a driving electric guitar riff, funk bass and cookin’ drums that give this track a carefree and feel-good mood. Great for Day Time Talk, Reality TV and Vintage projects.

  • $39.95

City Life Gritty Upbeat – 30 Second

Chaotic and Upbeat. Big city urban street feel. Featuring energetic guitar riff, vocalese, upright bass and driving drums. Busy and intense works well for city life, industry, fitness, science and technology.

  • $39.95

Smoky Blues – 30 Second

Laid-back smoky blues featuring electric guitar and a strong groove. Swampy and sultry. Great for macho bars, rural south, backwoods and red-neck crimes.

  • $39.95

Dream State – 30 Second

Mellow, dreamy and building. Featuring warm acoustic guitar layered with acoustic piano and smooth electronic textures. Creates a floating and peaceful mood. Great for meditation, Yoga, spa or relaxation.

  • $39.95

Sultry Sexy Hip Hop – 30 Second

Warm and bouncy with a laid-back, Hip Hop – RnB groove. Featuring electric piano, guitar and layered with electronic elements. Creates a dreamy, reflective mood. Great for human drama, soft sell, romance and intimate moments.

  • $39.95