Energy Flow – Loop

Energetic and upbeat Trance groove. Featuring smooth atmospheric textures, shimmering electronic elements, glitchy stutter effects and a 4 on the floor groove. Creates an innovative feel. Great for Parties, Innovation, Technology or Fashion.

  • $19.95

Hip-Hop Funky – Bed

Bouncy and bright. Featuring electric guitar, vocals, horns and a tight, funky hip-hop groove. Upbeat and modern. Would work for sports, fashion, commercials, info, gaming or motivational projects.

  • $39.95

Quirky Blues Rock – Bed

Bouncy and playful. Featuring a quirky melodic guitar and a determined bluesy rock groove. Creates a comedic and positive mood. Great for investigation, sneaking around, cartoons, discovery.

  • $39.95

City Life Gritty Upbeat – No Vocals

Chaotic and Upbeat. Big city urban street feel. Featuring energetic guitar riff, vocalese, upright bass and driving drums. Busy and intense works well for city life, industry, fitness, science and technology.

  • $39.95

Children Marching – DnB

Bouncy and upbeat. Featuring flute, marimba and orchestra that creates a whimsical and playful mood. Great for kids, cartoons, kid shows, toy commercials and children adventures.

  • $39.95

Spaghetti Western – 30 Second

Building, Bold and Majestic. Featuring signature eerie whistle and tremelo guitar with dramatic orchestral elements. Strings, horns, men’s choir, thunderous drums and orchestral bells build to a soaring climax! Creates a heroic and triumphant mood. Works well for victory, triumph, achievement (or maybe cheesy comedy?).

  • $39.95

March Of The Broken Toys – Sting – Bumper

Quirky and upbeat. Featuring tuba, horns, xylophone, clarinet and flute. creates a happy playful mood. Great for kids, cartoons, comedy, toy commercials and childlike adventures.

  • $19.95

Metal Rock – Loop

Fast, powerful, Heavy Metal – Hard Rock. Driving distorted guitars fueled by driving bass and drums. Dynamic, masculine and aggressive. Great for sports, action videos, auto racing, surfing, skiing, snowboarding and adventure. Anything needing hard core energy!

  • $39.95

Fast Power Pop Rock – 30 Second

Upbeat, carefree and energetic Indie Rock, Pop Rock. Featuring a signature guitar riff layered with a driving rhythm section. This track is smoking hot! Great for youth, teens, adventure, parties and celebrations!

  • $39.95

Epic Journey – Bed

Powerful, anthemic and building cinematic track. Featuring soaring strings, heroic brass, glorious choir and epic drums. Great for film trailer, drama, adventure or a hero’s tale.

  • $99.95