Lifestyle – 30 Second

Featuring carefree piano melodies and a bouncy Pop groove that creates a feel-good mood. This warm and inviting instrumental is the perfect choice for television commercials, corporate presentations and all productions looking for a bright, bubbly, buoyant sound!

  • $39.95

Upbeat Inspiration – 30 Second

Upbeat and bright, 1980s pop featuring melodic acoustic piano, pulsing bass and light synth pads that create an inspirational and uplifting mood. Morning Talk, Daytime Talk, Infomercial, Corporate, Advertising

  • $39.95

Redneck Hip Hop – 15 Second

Laidback and swampy. An Americana mash up of bluegrass and hip-hop featuring banjo, fiddle, slide guitar, acoustic guitar and low down beats. Think urban twang in the style of Rench and Ganstagrass. Tense or humorous. Great for hillbilly comedy, redneck reality shows, southern cooking, rural crime, country parties. Earthy, Nature, Heartland, Family, Home

  • $39.95

Country Road – 30 Second

Easy, laid back, pop country music bed. Featuring pedal steel and fiddle. It’s easy to see yourself riding along a back country road just enjoying life! Country Soaps, Country Cooking, American Pickers, Good-Times, Earthy, Nature, Heartland, Family, Home

  • $39.95

Atmospheric Ambrosia – 30 Second

Textural and atmospheric with the fusing of Pop-Rock elements. Featuring slide guitar, pulsing electronic textures and underlying synth pads that create an ambient feel. Discovery, Dreamscape, Floating, Fashion

  • $39.95

Feelin Good – Sting – Bumper

Flowing and delighted, featuring bouncy electric guitar, keyboards and hammond organ that create a satisfied, reflective mood. Seduction, Good Times, Inspiration, Celebration, Hawaii, Sunshine, Vacation, Beach.

  • $19.95

Building Hope – 30 Second

Inspirational, uplifting and building. Featuring acoustic piano layered with strings and orchestral elements. Optimistic and hopeful. Human Drama, Corporate, Empowerment, Commercials

  • $39.95

Samba Shoes – 15 Second

Bright and breezy. Featuring a light Samba groove, Flamenco guitar and acoustic piano. Creates a carefree and happy mood. Beach, Vacation, Luxury, Ethnic, Travel, Exotic.

  • $39.95

Optimistic Pop Rock – 15 Second

Bright, with a driving Pop-Rock groove, featuring warm electric guitar and piano that creates a reflective, upbeat and positive mood. Dreams, Sunshine, Summer, Youthful, Adverts, Infomercials, Commercials.

  • $39.95

Jump Start – 15 Second

Bright and energetic, featuring driving drums and proud electric guitar that create a feel-good, empowering mood. Road Trip, Teen, Youth, Good Times.

  • $39.95