Friendly Vibes – Bed

Bouncy and rhythmic, featuring Kalimba, acoustic piano, rhythmic drums and electronic textures that create a happy and friendly mood. Urban, Fashion, Commercials, Youth, Energy.

  • $39.95

Day Trippin – DnB

Bouncy and bright. Featuring electric piano, guitar and a tight, driving, pop-blues groove. Upbeat and confident. Would work for beach, surfing, youth or adventure projects.

  • $39.95

Reggaeton Happy Upbeat

Upbeat and bouncy. Featuring pulsing synth textures and a happy Reggaeton groove creating a party atmosphere. Great for projects that feature Puerto Rico, tropical settings, travel adventures, vacations or beach parties!

  • $39.95

Beach Jam

Bouncy and bright, old-time synth pop. Featuring toy piano and electronic elements that create an energetic and happy mood. Great fun for anything retro, cute, kids, games or pets.

  • $39.95

50s Game Show – DnB

Bouncy and bright, featuring an upbeat drum groove, smooth string textures, lush brass and a plucky pizzicato string melody that depicts a dramedy scene. Retro, orchestral theme reminiscent of old time 50s, 60s, game shows, TV series, award shows, broadway, fanfare, walk ons.

  • $29.95

Happy Hour – Sting – Bumper

Bright and bouncy, featuring funky electric guitar and bluesy piano that create a carefree, satisfied mood. Everybody’s having a good time in this party atmosphere. Think “Mad About You” and “Cheers”. Works well for neighborhood bars, clubs, parties, anywhere you want a friendly vibe!

  • $19.95

Pop Rock Party – 60 Second

Upbeat and energetic Pop Rock, featuring electric guitars and driving bass and drums. Creates an optimistic and cheerful mood. Parties, Sports, Skateboarding, Summer, Beach, Surfing, Skiing, Frat House, Teamwork.

  • $39.95

Party Power – Bed

Driving and determined, featuring a Funky groove, Jazzy horns and energetic drums that create confidence. Road Trip, Action, Adventure, Sports, Blue Collar.

  • $39.95

Happy Face – Bed

Bright and upbeat, with a driving Pop-Rock feel. Featuring acoustic piano, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Creates a positive and enthusiastic mood. Youthful, Teen, Celebration, Road Trip.

  • $39.95

Road Trip – Bed

Upbeat and vibrant. Classic Rock featuring soaring electric guitar and driving bass and drums that create an enthusiastic, unstoppable mood. Road Trip, Teen, Youth, Good Times.

  • $39.95