Atmospheric Ambrosia – 15 Second

Textural and atmospheric with the fusing of Pop-Rock elements. Featuring slide guitar, pulsing electronic textures and underlying synth pads that create an ambient feel. Discovery, Dreamscape, Floating, Fashion

  • $39.95

Happy Hip Hop – Sting – Bumper

Bouncy and rhythmic featuring a quirky synthesizer melody. Layered with electronic sweeps and atmospheric pads painting a carefree and happy mood. Play ons, game shows, science, education, technology, new media, kid shows, tweens.

  • $19.95

Sleek And Confident – Loop

Sleek and groovy, featuring funk synth bass, bright synthesizer, and pop synth drums that create a slick, stylish mood. Retro, Vintage, Soul, Fashion, Lifestyle.

  • $19.95

Slick Chick – Loop

Bouncy and fun, featuring bright synthesizer, pop synth drums, and warm keyboards that create a sophisticated, sleek mood. Retro, Vintage, Party, Fashion, Lifestyle, Adventure, Mystery, Exploration, Science.

  • $19.95

Funky Junkie – Loop

Upbeat and driving, featuring funky bass, warm electric piano and melodic synth. R&B hip hop drums create a groovy, cool mood. Retro, Soul, Good Times, Fashion, Party.

  • $19.95

Cool Funk – Loop

Bouncy with an Urban R&B groove, featuring wah wah guitar and light vintage elements that creates a confident mood. Groove, Rhythmic, Funky, Retro.

  • $19.95

Hip Hop Bounce – Loop

Bouncy with a laidback hip hop groove, featuring deep funky bass, and pulsing synth textures that create a cool and confident mood. Fashion, Innovation, Technology.

  • $19.95

Funky Fantastic – Sting – Bumper

Funky and Upbeat. Features driving funky electric guitar, sweeping synths, EFX and a heavy groove. Determined and Energetic. Blaxploitation, Retro, Soul, Good Times, Fashion, Parties.

  • $19.95

Urban Electro – Sting – Bumper

Driving and rhythmic, featuring an Urban Electro groove, featuring bouncy synth and gritty textures that creates a determined mood. Fashion, Groove, Rhythmic, Funky.

  • $19.95

Energy Field – Sting – Bumper

Bouncy and energetic, featuring electric piano, shimmering synthesizer and vibrant drums that create a determined, bold mood. Futuristic, Investigative, Mystery, Suspense, Technology

  • $19.95