Glory Bound – No Drums

Bright, upbeat and building. Featuring acoustic piano, electric guitar and strings with a driving rhythmic drum groove. Creates a positive, inspirational and hopeful mood. Works well for corporate, business, advertising any project require an uplifting music theme.

  • $39.95

Free Spirit – Bed

Bright and upbeat. A driving Indie-Rock feel featuring electric guitar that creates a youthful, enthusiastic mood. Works well for teens, summer, celebrations, road trips and more!

  • $39.95

Rebel Boys – Bed

Bouncy and lively. Indie Rock featuring funky rock guitar riff, vocal shouts and aggressive drums that creates a rebellious mood. Some uses might be anything Masculine, Blue Collar, Road Trip, Frat Parties, Sports or Racing.

  • $39.95

Triumphant Warrior – Bed

Bright, bold and building. Folk Celtic instrumental with orchestral elements. Featuring bouncy acoustic guitar riff, Irish flute, driving strings and percussion that builds to a climatic ending. Perfect for adventure, action, sports, martial arts or travel.

  • $39.95

Shake That – Upbeat EDM-Rock

Upbeat, bright and building. Featuring rock guitar, energetic electronic textures and driving rhythms. Creates a danceable, carefree and happy mood. Great for Adverts, Games, Technology, Education, Commercials and New Media.

  • $39.95

My Jam – 60 Second

Upbeat, friendly, energetic melodic Indie rock track. Featuring guitar, whistle and vocalese with a positive, empowering vibe. Evokes team spirit, high motivation and a great attitude! Great for teens, tweens, road trips, youthful ad campaigns and celebrations.

  • $39.95

Tex-Mex Fiesta – 30 Second

Upbeat and energetic. A Tex-Mex, Tejano style, Mexican Polka. Featuring accordion, mariachi horns and a driving beat. Creates a celebratory, happy mood with a party atmosphere. Great for Mexican style settings such as Cinco de Mayo, Mexican restaurants, Quinceanera parties and Fiestas.

  • $39.95

Children Marching – 15 Second

Bouncy and upbeat. Featuring flute, marimba and orchestra that creates a whimsical and playful mood. Great for kids, cartoons, kid shows, toy commercials and children adventures.

  • $39.95

Hero’s Welcome – Sting – Bumper

Bold and Majestic. Featuring dramatic orchestral textures that create a heroic and triumphant mood. Our hero is returning from hard-fought battle. The world has been saved! A fanfare of brass instruments fit for a king’s triumphant return. Evokes victory, triumph, grand vistas, military and patriotic marches.

  • $9.95

Latin Party – Loop

Bright and bouncy Salsa Merengue. Featuring montuno piano, punchy horns and cheerful ethnic percussion. Festive and spirited. Works well for Latin dance competitions, travel, Latin culture or anything tropical.

  • $19.95