American Spirit – 60 Second

Powerful and heroic in the style of Aron Copeland. Exciting, upbeat and rhythmic. Builds from pulsing strings, timpani drums, xylophone and piccolos to full orchestra with a climatic sting ending. Great theme for heroic adventures, epic stories, newscasts, breaking news, royalty, presidential settings, political events.

  • $39.95

Adventure Junkie – 30 Second

Energetic and rhythmic. Orchestral meets techno featuring pulsing electronic textures, strings, brass and a thematic melody. Builds to a strong climatic ending. Adventurous and determined. Adventure, Action, Sports, Games.

  • $39.95

Heroic Power – 15 Second

Building and driving, featuring a fusion of dramatic orchestral textures and rock elements that creates a heroic and adventurous mood. Action, Sports, News, Heroic Effort, Team Effort.

  • $39.95

Epic And Determined – 15 Second

Building and driving, featuring a fusion of rock guitar, heavy drums, dramatic strings and electronic elements. Creates an epic and determined mood. Action, Adventure, Bravery, Heroic Effort, Team Effort, Sports.

  • $39.95

Cinematic Power – Sting – Bumper

Heroic and powerful featuring driving strings, majestic brass and epic drums. Cinematic, creating an heroic and adventurous mood. Easy edit points. Landscapes, Nature, Drone Video, Panorama, Action, Adventure, Sports.

  • $19.95

Bollywood Action Hero – 15 Second

Driving and bold, featuring aggressive guitar and exotic world elements. Pulsing electronic elements that create action and intrigue. Action, Adventure, Video Games, Global, World, Discovery, Exotic, Ethnic.

  • $39.95

Epic Survival – Sting – Bumper

Dramatic and building to a triumphant ending. Featuring an introspective melody that creates an emotional and empowering mood. Great for human drama, adventure, survival scenarios, video games and trailer music.

  • $49.95

Spaghetti Western – Bed

Building, Bold and Majestic. Featuring signature eerie whistle and tremelo guitar with dramatic orchestral elements. Strings, horns, men’s choir, thunderous drums and orchestral bells build to a soaring climax! Creates a heroic and triumphant mood. Works well for victory, triumph, achievement (or maybe cheesy comedy?).

  • $39.95

Hero’s Welcome

Bold and Majestic. Featuring dramatic orchestral textures that create a heroic and triumphant mood. Our hero is returning from hard-fought battle. The world has been saved! A fanfare of brass instruments fit for a king’s triumphant return. Evokes victory, triumph, grand vistas, military and patriotic marches.

  • $49.95

Epic Journey – DnB

Powerful, anthemic and building cinematic track. Featuring soaring strings, heroic brass, glorious choir and epic drums. Great for film trailer, drama, adventure or a hero’s tale.

  • $99.95