Memphis Midnight Bluesy Rock

Bouncy and building in an Americana Pop-Rock blues style. Featuring acoustic guitar and warm electric guitars that creates a laid-back, carefree mood. Building, Earthy, Organic, Family, Home, Americana.

  • $29.95

By The Light Of Day – Bed

Glistening, bright and uplifting with Laptop Folk and Folktronica elements. Featuring shimmering acoustic guitar, synthesizer and orchestral elements. Builds to a climactic Modern Folk-Pop finish! Perfect to highlight your new product, production or invention. Positive, Proud and Vibrant.

  • $39.95

Happy Ending

Warm, bright and building, featuring melodic electric guitar, rhythmic acoustic guitar and synth textures that create a joyful and optimistic mood. Soft Sell, Soft-Rock, Travel, Family.

  • $39.95

Summer Nights – Loop

Warm and upbeat, reminiscent of the 60’s. Feel-good, summer, classic rock. Features electric guitar and organ. Sunny and easy going. 60s Pop Adverts, Family, Home, Dreams, Beach, Surf, Road Trip.

  • $19.95

Blue Collar Surfer – 15 Second

Big and hearty! Mid-tempo, Americana rock with a strong melodic theme and a Surf music vibe. Great for multiple uses. Truckers, Reality TV, Surfing, Beach, Fishing, Hunting.

  • $39.95

Americana Sunrise – Loop

Up-beat and optimistic featuring acoustic guitar and piano. In the style of Americana, new country, folk pop creating a positive and uplifting mood. Evokes the human spirit, heartland and home.

  • $19.95

Homeward Bound – No Drums

Warm and reflective. Features a gentle finger picking acoustic guitar riff. Builds with acoustic piano, vocal textures and orchestral elements to a climatic ending. Creates an introspective, mellow mood. Perfect for any production looking for that Indie Folk sound. Works well for home, family, nature, advertising and more!

  • $39.95

Heartfelt Home

Warm and up-beat featuring melodic acoustic guitar and shimmering textures. In the style of Folk Pop, Americana, creating a feel-good, friendly mood. Great for human spirit, heartland, home, family and any media project needing an organic feel.

  • $39.95

Country Folk Two Step – DnB

Upbeat and cheerful, evoking images of good times. This lively Country – Folk song features acoustic guitar, mandolin and fiddle. The perfect choice for anything Americana, heartland, country 2 step dancing or just plain good fun!

  • $39.95

Slow Dance

Warm and laid-back. Featuring electric guitar, grand piano, rich backgorund vocals and an easy rock groove. Creates a mellow, friendly vibe. Great for soft sell, romance, nostalgia and heartwarming moments.

  • $39.95