Warm And Tender – 30 Second

Warm and peaceful, featuring acoustic guitar and a heartfelt melody that creates a romantic mood. Romance, Nature, Earthy, Organic, Emotions, Wedding, Family.

  • $39.95

Americana Morning – 30 Second

Up-beat and building featuring acoustic guitar and piano. In the style of Americana, new country, folk rock creating a positive and uplifting mood. Human spirit, heartland, home.

  • $39.95

Country Road – DnB

Easy, laid back, pop country music bed. Featuring pedal steel and fiddle. It’s easy to see yourself riding along a back country road just enjoying life! Country Soaps, Country Cooking, American Pickers, Good-Times, Earthy, Nature, Heartland, Family, Home

  • $29.95

Swampy Tension – DnB

Laid back and dark, featuring pulsing electric guitar, melodic slide guitar and light percussion that create a mysterious and suspenseful mood. Great for smokey country bars, crime, rural south, Americana, backwoods, swamps, moonshine, honky tonks.

  • $29.95

Atmospheric Ambrosia – 60 Second

Textural and atmospheric with the fusing of Pop-Rock elements. Featuring slide guitar, pulsing electronic textures and underlying synth pads that create an ambient feel. Discovery, Dreamscape, Floating, Fashion

  • $39.95

Hip Hop Bounce – 60 Second

Bouncy with a laidback hip hop groove, featuring deep funky bass, and pulsing synth textures that create a cool and confident mood. Fashion, Innovation, Technology.

  • $39.95

Hypnotic Chill Out – 15 Second

Laidback and mellow, featuring heavy synth bass, electric piano, vibraphone and Flugel horn. A slick groove creates a hypnotic mood. Fashion, Glamour, Party, Sophistication, Urban.

  • $39.95

80s Chill – 15 Second

Laidback and groovy with an R&B Funk groove, featuring warm organ, and horn hits that creates a cool and confident mood. Blaxploitation, Funky, Vintage, Soul, Groove.

  • $39.95

Slow Fist – 15 Second

Driving and heavy, featuring a Classic Rock electric guitar riff and a laidback groove that creates a bold and rebellious mood. Blue Collar, Masculine

  • $39.95

Cool Comfort – Loop

Pulsing and warm, featuring bright rhythmic strings, underlying Pop feel and smooth textures that create an enchanting mood. Dreams, Beauty, Children.

  • $19.95