Royalty Free Wedding Music

As it gets easier to download popular music for wedding videos, copyright infringement laws are getting stricter. Many wedding video companies have found themselves paying stiff penalties for improper use of music. It’s important for wedding professionals to find high quality alternatives at a reasonable cost. Luckily, there are royalty free wedding music choices provided by Royalty Free Wedding Music

High Cost Contemporary Music Licensing

Regardless of a couple’s taste, wedding professionals must either choose wedding video music themselves from the huge selection available, or buy the rights to the specific piece of music the couple requests. Unfortunately, the cost of paying royalties to large companies in order to use both traditional and contemporary original wedding music in videos, ceremonies and at receptions is extremely expensive. Wedding videographers and others that handle many such projects might expect to pay thousands of dollars per month in order to legally use popular wedding music.

And because every client is different and has different musical tastes, these professionals must make sure they have a very large and comprehensive library of wedding music to choose from. Each project must be unique. It should accurately capture the spirit of the big day and the personality of the marrying couple. Not every wedding videographer and professional can afford the exorbitant royalty fees associated with the music.

Low Cost Royalty Free Wedding Music

At, wedding videographers will find selections of royalty free music they can seamlessly integrate as background music. They can find production music representing every musical genre from traditional styles, such as classical, to more progressive and contemporary styles, like light rock, jazz, and even hip hop, techno and dance music. The royalty free wedding music and music for wedding videos in this large library can express the unique personalities of every couple and preserve the memory of their special day for years to come. And because all tracks are royalty free, wedding professionals will pay a very low fee for use of the music, allowing them to increase their library regularly and offer a larger selection to their clients.

Royalty free wedding music will become more important as copyright infringements laws get more stringent. Wedding professionals must be able to choose their music to suit their budgets. Companies such as provide beautifully-crafted and performed royalty free music that will make excellent production and background music for every type of wedding video, ceremony and reception.

Here at, we are proud to offer great royalty free wedding music that we produce ourselves including Wedding Music. You will also find the best stock music, as background music, for your videos, commercials, trailers, or even movies right here. With our built-in player, you can choose from a great selection of royalty free music. Over the years, our music has been featured in numerous shows, over many networks, and in many commercials.

So, go ahead and browse our extensive collection of music. We hope you find the perfect track here. If not, we would be happy to write custom music for your next project!

Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows is our first collection of ten beautiful, original, wedding and romantic songs. Wedding Vows conveys heartfelt love and tenderness for your wedding video, slideshow or other event. We have also included two uptempo tracks that will add a dash of spice! These tracks include everything from intimate piano, small band to romantic orchestra. All tracks are 48k 24 bit WAV files and do not include the “Preview” voice over.

If you would like customized versions of any of these tracks please contact us here and we will be happy to oblige, for a small fee.

Hell Rider - Sting - Bumper
Hell Rider - Sting - Bumper
Urgent and aggressive, featuring a heavy guitar melody and hard, driving drums. Fiery and intense. Chase, Competition, Xtreme Sports, Sports Rock, Surfing, Flying, Skiing, Snowboarding, Racing, Action, Adventure, Bikers, Extreme Sports, X Games, Jetsking, Wipeouts, Cage Fighting.
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Price: $19.95

Preview Files

Sweet Surrender

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”″ Title=”Sweet Surrender”]

Hopeful And Dreamy

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”″ Title=”Hopeful And Dreamy”]

Atmospheric Enchantment

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”″ Title=”Atmospheric Enchantment”]

Delicate Reflections

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”″ Title=”Delicate Reflections”]

Warm And Atmospheric

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”″ Title=”Warm And Atmospheric”]

Dreamy Piano

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”″ Title=”Dreamy Piano”]

Tarantella Frenzy

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”″ Title=”Tarantella Frenzy”]

Warm And Tender

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”″ Title=”Warm And Tender”]

Mellow Reflections

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”″ Title=”Mellow Reflections”]

Motown Magic

[sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”″ Title=”Motown Magic”]

Floating Dreams – Sting – Bumper

Soothing and building, featuring electric guitar, warm textures and a gritty underlying groove that creates a dreamy mood. Romance, Emotions, Floating, Dreams, Discovery, Corporate, Promo, Business, Website, Commercial, Promotional, Advertising, Video.

  • $19.95

Romantic Passion – 15 Second

An evocative, poignant film/drama/TV underscore, this haunting and majestic track features a classically inspired melody alternating with piano, violin and acoustic guitar. Starting simply, it builds to a full orchestra including soulful French horn and a lush string section. The haunting melody suggests longing, nostalgia, and perhaps a mysterious love gone by, but also includes a release that evokes a sense of hopefulness and a triumphant, sweeping and overwhelming grand passion.

  • $39.95

Lite Pop Jazz – 30 Second

Light and breezy, featuring warm female vocalese, bright electric guitar and keyboards. 60s and 70s Brazilian pop jazz. Carefree and easy. Underscore, Vacation, Luxury, Travel.

  • $39.95

Sweet Surrender – 60 Second

Heartfelt and atmospheric. Featuring melodic acoustic piano layered with electronic elements and building to a powerful majestic theme. Dramatic and emotional. Romance, Emotions, Human Drama, Wedding.

  • $39.95

Motown Metro – 60 Second

Energetic and bright, featuring a retro Motown feel and a warm melody that creates an optimistic mood. A light and airy feel good track. Upbeat and positive. Travel, Cooking Shows, Daytime Talk, Restaurants.

  • $39.95

Dream Walker – Bed

Light and breezy, featuring acoustic piano, calliope, smooth strings and a lite synth melody that creates a dreamy mood. Children, Babies, Dramedy, Romance

  • $39.95

Cinematic Emotions – DnB Loop 1

Warm and smooth. Starts simply, featuring acoustic piano with a heartfelt viola layered with electronic elements. Builds with percussion and drum underpinnings featuring soaring strings, choir and brass to a majestic ending! Evocative, Majestic, Glorious, Emotional, Cinematic.

  • $29.95

Heartfelt – 60 Second

Warm, smooth and building. Cinematic, orchestral hybrid featuring emotive piano, lush string, woodwinds and pulsing electronic textures. Creates a romantic and heartwarming mood. Dreams, Emotions, Beauty, Building, Human Drama.

  • $39.95