Friendly Fun – No Frums

Bright and upbeat. Driving Indie Garage Rock featuring electric guitar and organ. Creates a playful, enthusiastic mood. Youthful, Teen, Celebration, Road Trip.

  • $39.95

Zen Beach

Light and pulsing, featuring atmospheric textures, ethnic flute and Asian influenced elements that create a peaceful mood. Floating, Underwater, Ethnic, Nature, Sunrise, Ethereal, Asian, Spa, Yoga, Far East cuisine, New Age, World

  • $39.95

Housewives Tango

Sophisticated and playful Tango. Featuring melodic accordion, light winds, pizzicato violins and lush orchestration creating a humorous yet seductive mood. Dramedy, Cartoons, Comedic, Comedy, Rom Com.

  • $39.95

Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem

Warm and gentle. Featuring acoustic piano, heartfelt guitar and sentimental recorder. Creates a calm and comforting mood. An intimate rendition of this Christmas classic.

  • $39.95

Just Friends – Loop

Warm, friendly and optimistic. Pop rock, guitar themed track with a touch of a Sheryl Crow vibe. Builds to an expansive chorus. Solid drums and bass. Great for coorporate adverts, infomercials, commercials, phone on hold, pop Americana.

  • $19.95

Urban Renewal – No Drums

Rhythmic and dark, featuring light industrial elements and a bouncy groove that creates suspense. Works for dark urban settings, that might include crime, gangsters or pimps.

  • $39.95

A Sunday Stroll – Bed

Light and bright, featuring mandolin, electric guitar and accordion with Jazz elements that create a carefree and satisfied mood. Travel, Vacation, Romance, Food.

  • $39.95

Gator Hunt – DnB

Laid back and bouncy. Southern Country Blues featuring a signature acoustic guitar riff. Layered with smoky slide guitar and electric guitar. Confident and determined, with swagger! Appalachia, Smokey Mountains, Country Bars, Hillbillies, Rural South, Red Necks, Americana, Backwoods, Swamps, Moonshine, Honky Tonks, Macho Reality TV.

  • $29.95

Coming Home – No Guitar

Warm with a bright Pop groove, featuring a carefree piano melody that creates a satisfied and positive mood. Family, Home, Dreamy, Soft sell, Floating, Emotions.

  • $39.95

Whiskey And Friends – DnB

Upbeat and energetic Southern Blues Rock. Featuring slide guitar and a driving groove that creates a happy and optimistic mood. Trucks, Country Bars, Parties, Americana, Honky Tonks, Sports, Macho, Road Trip.

  • $29.95