Upbeat Innovation – 30 Second

Upbeat and pulsing, featuring shimmering electronic elements and a driving Dance groove that creates a confident and energetic mood. Science, Technology, Machinery, Party, Good-times, Innovation, Motion

  • $39.95

Party In Motion – 15 Second

Bright and driving, featuring pulsing synth textures and a bouncy Dance groove that creates a confident and enthusiastic mood. Party, Good-times, Innovation, Technology, Motion

  • $39.95

Hi-NRG – Sting – Bumper

Bouncy and bright, featuring shimmering synth textures and a driving dance groove that creates a party atmosphere. Parties, Good-times, Innovation, Technology, Motion

  • $19.95

Fitness Fanatic – 30 Second

Highly energetic and upbeat, featuring an 80’s dance groove and bouncy synth that creates a party mood. 1980’s, Party, Good-times, Motion, Exercise, Aerobics

  • $39.95

Moody Dancer

Building and bouncy, featuring pulsing electronic elements, atmospheric textures. Creates an optimistic and introspective mood. Pop culture, information, high tech, fashion, dance club, party, life style, travel, exploration, adventure.

  • $39.95

Energetic Motion

Bouncy and driving, featuring a Funky bass riff and a rhythmic dance groove that creates a cool and confident mood. Good-times, Innovation, Technology, Motion, Science

  • $39.95

Dance Party

Building and upbeat, featuring a gritty synth riff and a driving dance groove. Creates an enthusiastic and positive mood. Party, Building, Atmospheric, Good-times, Innovation, Technology, Motion, Fashion

  • $39.95

Ya Wanna Go

Driving and energetic in a Rocktronica style featuring playful vocal and gritty guitar layered with electronic elements. Determined and confident. Good Times, Innovation, Motion, Fashion, Technology

  • $39.95

Technology Pulse

Bouncy and bright, featuring energetic synth textures that creates a feel for innovation and the future. Building, Futuristic, Atmospheric, Groove, Good-times, Innovation, Technology, Motion, Science

  • $39.95