Inspiring Hopeful Cinematic – Drums

Inspirational, uplifting and building. Featuring strings, brass, woodwinds and powerful percussion elements. Great for inspirational and motivational videos, empowerment, promotions, presentations, corporate videos, background music, slideshows or any project needing an optimistic and hopeful feel!

  • $39.95

Biker Ride – Bed

Driving and heavy. Featuring a Classic 80s Rock electric guitar riff and a determined groove. Creates a bold and rebellious mood. Works for Blue Collar, Masculine, Sports or Prison.

  • $39.95

Reggaeton Heat – Bed

Upbeat and energetic Latin Reggaeton. Heavy dance, four on the floor with big pumping synths and heavy percussion. Creates a party like, festive vibe that’s hot and sassy! Great for Latin dance clubs, celebrations, tropical travel, parties or festivals.

  • $39.95

Bouncy Funky Rock – DnB

Bouncy and energetic. Featuring a funky bluesy guitar riff, slide guitar and a cookin’ rhythm section. Creates a determined, serious mood. Works well for crime, adventure, exploration, the working man, blue collar settings or anything macho.

  • $39.95

Go For Baroque

Bouncy, bright and building. Featuring acoustic piano in a classic baroque style with string quartet and oboe. Creates a positive, noble and elegant mood.

  • $49.95

Pop Rock Revival – DnB

Bright and upbeat Pop-Rock. Featuring rockin’ electric guitar that creates a friendly, cheerful mood. Road Trip, Good-Times, Sunshine, Adverts, Celebration.

  • $39.95

Americana Heartland – 30 Second

Laid back and bouncy. Featuring electric guitar with lap steel, fiddle and acoustic guitar. Traditional honky tonk, blue collar, rootsy feel. Positive and confident. NASCAR, country bar, rural, Smokey Mountains, fishing, roots music, country fair, pickup trucks, 18 wheelers, backwoods, farm.

  • $39.95

Dance Party – 30 Second

Building and upbeat, featuring a gritty synth riff and a driving dance groove. Creates an enthusiastic and positive mood. Party, Building, Atmospheric, Good-times, Innovation, Technology, Motion, Fashion

  • $39.95

Sleek And Confident – 30 Second

Sleek and groovy, featuring funk synth bass, bright synthesizer, and pop synth drums that create a slick, stylish mood. Retro, Vintage, Soul, Fashion, Lifestyle.

  • $39.95

Slick Chick – 30 Second

Bouncy and fun, featuring bright synthesizer, pop synth drums, and warm keyboards that create a sophisticated, sleek mood. Retro, Vintage, Party, Fashion, Lifestyle, Adventure, Mystery, Exploration, Science.

  • $39.95