Memphis Midnight Bluesy Rock

Bouncy and building in an Americana Pop-Rock blues style. Featuring acoustic guitar and warm electric guitars that creates a laid-back, carefree mood. Building, Earthy, Organic, Family, Home, Americana.

  • $29.95

Americana Sunrise – Bed

Up-beat and optimistic featuring acoustic guitar and piano. In the style of Americana, new country, folk pop creating a positive and uplifting mood. Evokes the human spirit, heartland and home.

  • $39.95

Regal Dance – Loop

Light and floating, Neo-Classical Baroque piece featuring harpsichord and string quartet. Creates a noble, dignified and honored mood. Works well for history, ancient settings, weddings, documentaries, art films or kitsch.

  • $19.95

Heartwarming – 60 Second

Laid back and warm. Featuring slide guitar and a mellow, soft rock groove that creates a calm and sentimental mood. Works well for family, home, kicking back, relaxing and hanging out.

  • $39.95

Rain On The Roof – 15 Second

Warm and laid-back. Featuring smooth, dreamy guitar, piano, strings and a light groove. Creates an atmospheric and mellow mood. Very organic and works with anything nature, dreamy, vacation or relaxation or just chillin’.

  • $39.95

Soulful Dreamer – Loop

Warm and smooth with a chill, laid-back, RnB-Hip Hop groove. Featuring atmospheric acoustic guitar, vocalese, pulsing keyboard, synths and EFX. Sultry and sexy. Great for romance, love, fashion, urban, soft sell, lifestyle and culture.

  • $19.95

Home Town – Bed

Laid back and upbeat featuring acoustic guitar and mandolin. Folk Pop, Rustic Americana that creates a warm and reflective mood. Works well for Human spirit, Heartland, Home, Farm, Family, Organic, Outdoors.

  • $39.95

Go For Baroque – Piano Only

Bouncy, bright and building. Featuring acoustic piano in a classic baroque style with string quartet and oboe. Creates a positive, noble and elegant mood.

  • $49.95

Easy Breezy – 30 Second

Warm with a bright Pop groove, featuring a carefree electric guitar melody that creates a satisfied and positive mood. Jazzy, Soft sell, Cooking Shows, Afternoon Talk Shows, Infomercials, Phone On Hold, Vacation, Luxury, Dreams.

  • $39.95

Americana Morning – 30 Second

Up-beat and building featuring acoustic guitar and piano. In the style of Americana, new country, folk rock creating a positive and uplifting mood. Human spirit, heartland, home.

  • $39.95