Memphis Midnight Bluesy Rock

Bouncy and building in an Americana Pop-Rock blues style. Featuring acoustic guitar and warm electric guitars that creates a laid-back, carefree mood. Building, Earthy, Organic, Family, Home, Americana.

  • $29.95

Easy Breezy – 30 Second

Warm with a bright Pop groove, featuring a carefree electric guitar melody that creates a satisfied and positive mood. Jazzy, Soft sell, Cooking Shows, Afternoon Talk Shows, Infomercials, Phone On Hold, Vacation, Luxury, Dreams.

  • $39.95

Americana Morning – 30 Second

Up-beat and building featuring acoustic guitar and piano. In the style of Americana, new country, folk rock creating a positive and uplifting mood. Human spirit, heartland, home.

  • $39.95

Country Road – 30 Second

Easy, laid back, pop country music bed. Featuring pedal steel and fiddle. It’s easy to see yourself riding along a back country road just enjoying life! Country Soaps, Country Cooking, American Pickers, Good-Times, Earthy, Nature, Heartland, Family, Home

  • $39.95

Country Friendly – 30 Second

Laidback and warm, featuring breezy acoustic guitar and electric guitar that creates a carefree and optimistic mood. Nature, Earthy, Organic, Blue Collar, Hardware Adverts.

  • $39.95

Chillout Funk – Sting – Bumper

Laidback and groovy with an R&B Funk groove. Featuring funky electric piano and soulful Memphis horn riffs that create a cool and confident mood. Pass the ribs! Blaxploitation, Soul, Groove, Black Romcom, African-American, Soul Food.

  • $19.95

Hopeful And Dreamy – Sting – Bumper

Smooth and warm, featuring emotive piano, soothing strings, electronic elements and a light Pop groove that creates a romantic and heartwarming mood. Dreams, Emotions, Beauty, Building, Human Drama

  • $19.95

Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem – 60 Second

Warm and gentle. Featuring acoustic piano, heartfelt guitar and sentimental recorder. Creates a calm and comforting mood. An intimate rendition of this Christmas classic.

  • $39.95

Dreamy Piano – 60 Second

Beautiful and ethereal featuring a haunting solo acoustic piano. This piece creates a hypnotic and dreamy mood with an airy atmosphere. Works well for romance, tenderness, nature, comfort, Hallmark moments or drama.

  • $39.95