Make New Friends – 60 Second

A happy, cheerful and bright instrumental of this old favorite. Featuring acoustic piano, kalimba, toy percussion and recorder, played as a musical “round”. Would work for children playing, cute animals, cartoons and mischievous toddlers, game shows.

  • $39.95

Jump Start

Bright and energetic, featuring driving drums and proud electric guitar that create a feel-good, empowering mood. Road Trip, Teen, Youth, Good Times.

  • $39.95

Cartoon Critters – 60 Second

Bright and bouncy featuring a funky baritone sax, claps and cartoonish whistles. Makes for a carefree, childlike, playful track. Positive, upbeat vibe. Nickelodeon, after school, cartoon, kids, school, education, youth, toys.

  • $39.95

Summer And Sunshine – 30 Second

Bright and bouncy with a catchy melody featuring ukulele, whistling, piano and a Pop beat. Creates a fun and carefree mood. Works well for modern Advertising, Corporate, Commercials, Nickelodeon, Toys, Kids.

  • $39.95

Beach Party – 30 Second

Bouncy and bright with a danceable Pop-Rock groove. Featuring lively electric guitars and synths. Creates a vibrant, fun mood. Sunny, Youth, Summer, Beach, California, Friends, Hanging Out, Pool Party, Sunshine.

  • $39.95

Jazzy Feet – 30 Second

Bouncy and bright, featuring melodic electric guitar and bluesy electric piano. Light and Jazzy creating a feel-good mood. Dramedy, Exotica, Kitsch, Comedy, Quirky, Travel, Vacation.

  • $39.95

Power Punch – Sting – Bumper

Up-Tempo and Energetic. Featuring heavy electric guitar and a driving rhythm section that creates a determined and confident mood. Great for sports, competition, snowboarding, racing, action or adventure.

  • $19.95

Slinky Soul – Bed

Warm and smooth with a laid-back, RnB-Soul groove. Featuring acoustic guitar, bouncy electric guitar and delicate piano fills. Relaxing and dreamy. Great for soft sell, dreamy emotions and intimate moments.

  • $39.95

Sunny And Joyful Light Pop – DnB

Bouncy and bright. Featuring piano, flute, acoustic guitar and synth textures. A light pop groove creates a happy, youthful feel. Great for advertising, kids, teens and toys or anytime you are looking for a cheerful, friendly mood.

  • $39.95

Joy To The World

Bouncy and bright. Featuring acoustic piano building to a synth-pop dance groove layered with electronic and orchestral textures. Great for Christmas parties, commercials, celebrations or any cheerful, happy Christmas scene! Very – well – Joyous and Upbeat!

  • $39.95