Heroic Adventure – Loop

Building and dramatic, featuring orchestral elements mixed with electronic textures that create tension and adventure. Spy, Heist, Espionage, Chase, War, Action, Adventure, Tension, Anticipation.

  • $19.95

Plucky Monsters – 15 Second

Heavy, dark and foreboding, featuring pipe organ, boisterous brass, orchestra bells, pizzicato strings and animated elements that create a sinister mood. Halloween, horror, quirky comedy, dramedy, spy, children’s cartoon, monsters, nature, bumbling robbers, office pranks, sneaky thieves.

  • $39.95

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Sting – Bumper

Upbeat and bright. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen with an electro-pop dance groove. Featuring wah, wah clavinet, electronic textures, percussion and driving bass and drums. This track has many uses. Christmas parties, scary Christmas, motivational, or any cheerful, happy Christmas scene!

  • $9.95

Suspense And Doom – Bed

Eerie and pulsing, featuring synths and light percussion that creates a mysterious and spooky mood. CSI, Thriller, Detective, Investigative, Surveillance.

  • $39.95

Crime And Suspense – Lite

Edgy and building, featuring dark drones, introspective piano, a gritty synth melody, and pulsing electronic textures that create a mysterious and suspenseful mood. 48 hours, The Mentalist, Castle, CSI.

  • $39.95

River Snake – Bed

Dark and swampy, featuring acoustic guitar, slide guitar and heavy percussion. Creates a mysterious and suspenseful mood. Rural South, Americana, Backwoods, Crime, Swamps, Moonshine, Honky Tonks, Rednecks, Blue Collar, Hillbilly, Appalachia.

  • $39.95

Tribal Rock – Bed

Dark and gritty, tribal surf rock. Tension and drama with hard rock guitars, bass and booming drums. Aggressive and gritty. Surfing, Sports, Beach, Surf Punks, Gangs, Crime, Video Games, Military, Spy.

  • $39.95

Crime Stalker – Loop

Dark and mysterious, featuring pulsing textures, eerie strings and a groove that creates a sense of suspense and imminent danger. Menacing and sinister. Crime, Murder, Investigate, Halloween.

  • $19.95

After The Fall – DnB

Haunting and moody. Featuring plaintive pianos, pulsing textures, eerie synths and SFX creating a bittersweet mood. Crime Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Detective, Investigative, Surveillance.

  • $29.95

Crime Story – DnB

Bouncy, upbeat, funky Electronica. Featuring pulsing synth textures, hi-tech EFX, sweeps, stabs and rhythmic effects. Solid drums, percussion and compelling bass line. Works well for crime, adventure, tension, urban settings, spy stories or anything dark and purposeful.

  • $39.95