It’s A Party – 30 Second

Upbeat and bright, featuring a signature guitar riff, funky electric piano with a cheerful retro pop groove This is a party waiting to happen! Party, Celebration, Sunshine, Summer, Youthful, 70’s, 80’s, Play Ons, Game Shows.

  • $39.95

Happy Feet – 30 Second

Upbeat and energetic. Pop-Rock featuring melodic guitar riff, punchy brass and smokin’ guitar solo. Driving rhythm section creates a bright and celebratory mood. Havin’ A Blast! Parties, Celebration, Game Shows, Play Ons, Talk Shows, 70s, 80s.

  • $39.95

Happy Sunshine

Upbeat and bright, featuring a cheerful Pop-Rock groove, light synthesizer melodies and celebratory piano progressions help to create a highly optimistic mood! BIG dreams, BOLD plans, sunshine filled summer days, youthful excursions.

  • $39.95

Happy Funky Guitar

Bouncy and upbeat. Retro – funk track featuring signature guitar riff and punchy horn section. Layered with modern percussion for an updated feel. Happy and festive. Parties, Good-Times, Sunshine, Summer, Celebration

  • $39.95

Tropical Celebration

Upbeat and energetic in a Caribbean – Tropical style. Features steel drums, flutes and horns. Sets a happy and festive mood. Parties, travel, vacation, tropics, beach, island, carnival.

  • $39.95

Broadway Bound – Bed – No Drums

Upbeat and bright, Broadway type show tune in the style of the 40s, 50s and 60s. Featuring bouncy brass and soaring strings. Creates a happy and celebratory mood depicting a vintage theatrical show. Great for anything campy, entertainment, a retro New York vibe or off beat.

  • $49.95

Homeward Bound – No Drums

Warm and reflective. Features a gentle finger picking acoustic guitar riff. Builds with acoustic piano, vocal textures and orchestral elements to a climatic ending. Creates an introspective, mellow mood. Perfect for any production looking for that Indie Folk sound. Works well for home, family, nature, advertising and more!

  • $39.95

Upbeat Cheerful 50s Pop

Upbeat and bright. Featuring a cheerful whistle, piano, baritone sax and a 50s Retro-Pop groove. Evokes that classic 50s sound creating a happy, optimistic mood. Works well for summer, beach parties, sunshine and your next 50s Doo-Wop project!

  • $39.95

Breezy Summer Day

Warm and atmospheric. Featuring beautiful piano melodies and synth textures that build into a dreamy soundscape. Works well for underscore, lifestyle, dreams, nature and family.

  • $39.95

Sunny And Joyful Light Pop – DnB

Bouncy and bright. Featuring piano, flute, acoustic guitar and synth textures. A light pop groove creates a happy, youthful feel. Great for advertising, kids, teens and toys or anytime you are looking for a cheerful, friendly mood.

  • $39.95