Top 10 Video Production Tips

Top 10 Video Production Tips

Here are the top 10 video production tips to creating a persuasive. This is a necessity in this fast-paced world in order to hold the attention of your audience. Top 10 Video Production Tips-1You need to impress your audience, and impress them fast. Studies show that 44% of all viewers lose interest in the first minute and will move on. A compelling script is just the beginning. There are various other factors that you, as the videographer, must take into consideration.

Half the battle is having a plan. You will need to carefully supervise all aspects of the video; the script, production quality, background, actors, TuneGorilla’s Music, presentation, and, of course, the message of the video.  Here are 10 tips that you need to know before you start shooting:


    The script plays the most significant role in determining whether the audience falls in love with your video. Be certain to use original and creative ideas that will help you connect to your viewers. If you are planning to make a marketing video, for example, an emotional screenplay that touches your client will have a larger and more lasting impact.

    With the ever-growing trend of video marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical. Pay careful attention to keywords in the title, description, metadata fields and tags to get the optimum results.


    You may consider hiring actors. If so, be selective in casting your video. Without convincing and effective performances, your video may come out looking stilted and artificial.

    A quick Tip: If you have a tight budget, you can always ask satisfied customers to be a part of the video production rather than hiring professional actors. This method has been used by large advertising companies over the years and often yields great results.


    Capturing a person on a video is very different from capturing a building, which is, again, worlds apartVideo Bay from capturing a beautiful landscape. These are three diverse scenarios, and you need to prepare differently for each of them.

    When you need to capture a building, try to include people in the background. Use motion to build excitement and vibrancy. On the other hand, when interviewing a person, focusing exclusively on the person will create a more intimate experience. Try to shoot them from a slight right or left angle as opposed to dead center, and ask them to look at you and not the camera.  You will get a much more natural effect this way.



    Another of our top 10 video production tips is to not stand still when shooting a video, keep your hand steady and move to cover various angles to show different perspectives. Shooting everything from eye level is monotonous. Try going for shots which begin at the bottom (you are kneeling) and slowly move up to their face. This keeps the viewers more engrossed.


    (too much): People tend to overdo zoom which makes the video look amateur and can be distracting and annoying. If you do need to zoom in or out, do it at a steady pace (I would recommend counting to 15) and then change the shot. Also, (and this one is a pretty good tip!) avoid using digital zoom. Preferably, keep your camera set to a more wide-angle view and move the camera closer to the subject to get a better close-up.


  • You don’t want the picture quality to look over- or under-exposed, so make sure toLighting Kit use a continuous lighting kit. Use lights which will allow versatility, provide you ample light, and give you more flexibility. Also, remember to set your camera’s white balance based on the “color temperature” of your light source to capture every color perfectly. Do not place your subject with their back to the sun or under a tree with a bright background. These are major mistakes sometimes made by even the best of videographers.



    Yet another of our top 10 video production tips is that shaky, blurry videos are one of the biggest problems when shooting. The best remedy is to use a tripod or some type of device to stabilize yourCamera Tripod camera. This will allow you to shoot clear, steady footage. Tripods are usually very affordable. Look for ones with strong locks to hold your camera still in any position.




    When your subject is a single object in the frame, that person should Rule Of Thirdsnot be in the middle of the frame. S/he should always cover either side of the frame for well balanced shots. Break your image into thirds horizontally and vertically and place the subject on either corner. Similarly, leaving empty space above a person’s head is waste of space and should be avoided.



    Getting the perfect audio sound to go with your video production is a challenging task and therefore, everyone recommends using a separate microphone to avoid poor sound recording quality. Wireless mics can be Boom Microphonequite affordable and there are various types to suit every budget and creative need. Be sure to use headphones, as you are shooting, to detect any audio problems immediately. If you don’t your project may turn out to be a waste of time and money.


    Editing a video can make or break it. It is as important as the script, because it helps you to narrate the story. Crop out all the weak sections. Vet your video critically, and make sure to remove any long, boring pauses. A short, well-edited video is always better than a long, rambling one.


    A strong voice-over, along with the just the right TuneGorilla Music can work wonders for your video!  Also, always remember to carry an extra set of charged batteries and memory cards.

Video production can never be learned theoretically. Remember these top 10 video production tips, research and practice, shoot everything and anything you can, explore and learn to edit. Soon you will be a pro!

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