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Motivating and Positive

Uplifting and inspirational. Featuring acoustic piano, celesta and warm strings. Builds to a confident climax that creates a feeling of hope and inspiration. Motivating and Positive. Promotion, Teamwork, Corporate, Presentations, Commercials.

  • $39.95

Xtreme Power

Upbeat, heavy and building. Featuring driving distorted guitars and drums. Creates a masculine and aggressive mood. Xtreme Sports, Sports Rock, NASCAR, Surfing, Flying, Skiing, Snowboarding, Racing, Adventure, Biker Bars, Jetsking, Wipeouts.

  • $39.95

Zen Beach

Light and pulsing, featuring atmospheric textures, ethnic flute and Asian influenced elements that create a peaceful mood. Floating, Underwater, Ethnic, Nature, Sunrise, Ethereal, Asian, Spa, Yoga, Far East cuisine, New Age, World

  • $39.95

Epic Survival

Dramatic and building to a triumphant ending. Featuring an introspective melody that creates an emotional and empowering mood. Great for human drama, adventure, survival scenarios, video games and trailer music.

  • $49.95

Sexy Tango

Sexy and seductive Tango. Featuring acoustic piano, accordion and solo violin. Creates a sensuous and romantic mood. Great for romance, vacations and passionate moments.

  • $39.95

Grungy EDM

Pulsing and driving. Featuring gritty synth textures, heavy bass riff, bright horns and a grungy dance groove. Electronic percussion and EFX creates a confident and determined mood. Party, Gritty, Nightclubbing, Good-times, Innovation, Technology, Motion, Fashion.

  • $10.00

Lazy Day

Laidback and bouncy, featuring congas, warm electric keyboard and a light Funk – Reggae groove that creates a carefree and happy mood. Great for a smile and a sunny day! Infomercials, Phone On Hold, Vacation, HGTV, Food Network, Style Channel, TLC, Discovery, Island, Tropical.

  • $39.95

Retro Memphis Blues Rock

Upbeat and bouncy classic rock track spiced with southern soul. Features Memphis horn section and rock guitar. A positive and festive vibe! Celebration, Good-Times, Party.

  • $39.95

Paso Doble Dancer

Upbeat and driving. Features a Pasodoble feel with Maleguena style brass and string melodies. Creates a seductive and dramatic mood. Global, Exotic, Spanish, Adventure, Paso Doble, Spain, Mediterranean.

  • $39.95

Energetic Motion

Bouncy and driving, featuring a Funky bass riff and a rhythmic dance groove that creates a cool and confident mood. Good-times, Innovation, Technology, Motion, Science

  • $39.95