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Pop Rock Party

Upbeat and energetic Pop Rock, featuring electric guitars and driving bass and drums. Creates an optimistic and cheerful mood. Parties, Sports, Skateboarding, Summer, Beach, Surfing, Skiing, Frat House, Teamwork.

  • $39.95

Big Rig Run

Gritty and powerful Southern Rock track. Featuring gritty guitar riffs, a wailing organ and heavy bass and drums. Strong and bold. Blue Collar, Red Neck, Bikers, Bars, Macho, Truckers, Trucks.

  • $39.95

Paso Doble Dancer

Upbeat and driving. Features a Pasodoble feel with Maleguena style brass and string melodies. Creates a seductive and dramatic mood. Global, Exotic, Spanish, Adventure, Paso Doble, Spain, Mediterranean.

  • $39.95

One More Reggaeton

Laidback and bouncy, featuring pulsing synth textures and a seductive Reggaeton groove that creates a party atmosphere. Puerto Rico, Miami, Havana, Tropical, Travel, Fiesta, Night Clubs, Fashion, Latino, Latina, Beach Party.

  • $39.95

Regal Dance

Light and floating, Neo-Classical Baroque piece featuring harpsichord and string quartet. Creates a noble, dignified and honored mood. Works well for history, ancient settings, weddings, documentaries, art films or kitsch.

  • $49.95

Team Builder

Driving and bouncy with pop rock elements. Featuring edgy electric guitar and synthesizer that create an enthusiastic, optimistic mood. Youth, Teen, Good Times, Fun, Road Trip.

  • $39.95

Indie Spirit

Bright and energetic. Anthemic, featuring spirited guitars and driving drums. Creates a feel-good, empowering mood. Adventure, Youth, Good Times, Sports.

  • $39.95

Loose Change

Bouncy and determined rock track. Featuring a quirky theme and a hang loose vibe. Strong and persistent. Works for reality-tv, bikers, sexy or serious.

  • $39.95

Cool Comfort

Pulsing and warm, featuring bright rhythmic strings, underlying Pop feel and smooth textures that create an enchanting mood. Dreams, Beauty, Children.

  • $39.95

Inspiring And Hopeful

Uplifting and inspirational. Featuring acoustic piano and atmospheric synth textures. Builds to a confident climax that creates a feeling of hope and inspiration. Motivating and emotional. Promotion, Teamwork, Corporate, Presentations, Commercials.

  • $39.95