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Cinematic Power

Heroic and powerful featuring driving strings, majestic brass and epic drums. Cinematic, creating an heroic and adventurous mood. Easy edit points. Landscapes, Nature, Drone Video, Panorama, Action, Adventure, Sports.

  • $39.95

Hopeful Emotional Cinematic

Warm, smooth and building. Featuring acoustic guitar, emotive piano and a heartfelt melody. Builds with lush strings and orchestral textures that creates a hopeful and uplifting mood. Works well for soft sell, health care, romance, human drama, and sentimental moments.

  • $39.95

Bollywood Action Hero

Driving and bold, featuring aggressive guitar and exotic world elements. Pulsing electronic elements that create action and intrigue. Action, Adventure, Video Games, Global, World, Discovery, Exotic, Ethnic.

  • $39.95

O Come All Ye Faithful

Upbeat, powerful and building. Featuring rock guitar and a driving rhythm section building to a full, inspiring, orchestral extravaganza! Joyful and anthemic. Works great for any project highlighting the joy of the Christmas holidays!

  • $49.95

Proud Moments

Building and determined, featuring an 80’s style Rock groove and bright melody layered with synths. Creates a mood of accomplishment. Empowerment, Sports, Football, Anthemic.

  • $39.95

Hell Rider

Urgent and aggressive, featuring a heavy guitar melody and hard, driving drums. Fiery and intense. Chase, Competition, Xtreme Sports, Sports Rock, Surfing, Flying, Skiing, Snowboarding, Racing, Action, Adventure, Bikers, Extreme Sports, X Games, Jetsking, Wipeouts, Cage Fighting.

  • $39.95

Chips And Salsa

Bright and bouncy, in the style of Salsa, featuring Latin percussion, montuno piano and punchy horns creates a celebratory mood. Latin Culture, Barrios, Central America, South America, Dance Competition, Romance, Travel, Sunsets, Beach, Tropical, Miami.

  • $39.95

Sassy Salsa

Bouncy and rhythmic, featuring montuno piano, bright horn hits, synth elements and a Salsa feel that creates a festive mood of celebration. Great for Latin culture, barrios, Central America, South America, Latin dance competition, romance, travel, sunsets, beach, tropical, Miami.

  • $39.95

Happy Sunshine

Upbeat and bright, featuring a cheerful Pop-Rock groove, light synthesizer melodies and celebratory piano progressions help to create a highly optimistic mood! BIG dreams, BOLD plans, sunshine filled summer days, youthful excursions.

  • $39.95

Playing In Sunshine

Bouncy and radiant with high energy pop rock elements. Featuring lively electric guitars creating a vibrant, fun mood. Party, Summer, Fun, Good Times, Sunshine, Tween, Youth, Teen.

  • $39.95