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Heartland Americana

Backcountry guitar melodies with electronic atmospheres. Radiant and breezy Folktronica, featuring fresh guitar and synthesizers that create a happy, positive mood. Perfect for film, television and commercial productions looking for that modern day Folk sound! Earthy, Family, Summer, Sunshine, Organic, Road Trip, Good Times.

  • $39.95

Booty Shaker

Upbeat with a driving R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk groove, featuring “talking” wah wah guitar, festive sax riff, bouncy synth bass and bright organ that creates a positive and energetic mood. Play Ons, Game Shows, Day Time Talk, Reality TV.

  • $39.95


Uplifting, inspirational and building. Featuring piano, atmospheric synth textures and warm strings. Builds to a confident climax that creates a feeling of hope and inspiration. Motivating and emotional. Works well for promotion, teamwork, corporate adverstising and commercials.

  • $39.95

Happy Carefree Indie Pop

Upbeat and energetic Indie Pop. Featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar and synth textures that create a happy and playful mood. Great for youth, adventure, road trips, summer, teens and tweens.

  • $39.95

Floating Lazy Day

Smooth and warm. Featuring acoustic guitar, piano, electronic textures and a light groove. Creates an atmospheric and mellow mood. Very organic and works with anything nature, dreamy, vacation or relaxation.

  • $39.95

Urban Toes

Bouncy and bright, featuring pingy electronic textures and a quirky synth melody that creates an inquiring mood. Advertising, commercials, clubs, soft sell, 20-something, 30-something, fashion, clubbing, urban, science, technology.

  • $39.95

Happy Glow Upbeat Positive

Bouncy, upbeat and building pop rock track. Features melodic guitar layered with electronic textures. Creates a positive and optimistic mood. Commercials, Youth, Energy, Adverts, Corporate, Winning.

  • $39.95

Cool Funk

Bouncy with an Urban R&B groove, featuring wah wah guitar and light vintage elements that creates a confident mood. Groove, Rhythmic, Funky, Retro.

  • $39.95

Smoking Gun

Dark and mysterious, featuring pulsing bass, eerie textures and a groove that creates a gloomy mood. Atmospheric with a sense of suspense and imminent danger. Works well for crime drama, horror and suspense.

  • $49.95

Party Set

Bouncy and Funky, featuring electric guitar, upbeat organ and an R&B Pop groove that creates an energetic mood. Party, Good-times, Innovation, Technology, Motion

  • $39.95