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Positive Outlook

Uptempo, feel good, corporate rock track. Strong melodic theme featuring lots of rock guitar and piano. Evokes success, winning, motivation, celebration and team spirit. Great for presentations, product launches, seminars and sports.

  • $39.95

Detroit Soul

Big Motown Detroit sound with punchy horns and a solid groove. Creates a mood of accomplishment. Great for empowerment, sports, victory, motivational or anything anthemic. Big and proud!

  • $39.95

Southern Blues Rock

Southern Blues Rock featuring a signature guitar riff, smoky slide guitar, harmonica and heavy rhythm section. Swampy, confident and determined, with attitude! Trucks, Country Bars, Americana, Backwoods, Moonshine, Honky Tonks, Macho.

  • $39.95

Love Lost

An evocative, poignant film/drama/TV underscore. This heartfelt acoustic piano piece features oboe, violin and string quartet. The haunting melody suggests longing, nostalgia, and perhaps a mysterious love gone by. Works well for family, dreams, mature drama, sadness, romance or nostalgia.

  • $49.95

Night Terrors

Dark and tension filled. Featuring pulsing textures, eerie strings and a tight beat that creates a suspenseful ambience. Works well for spying, crime drama, horror and anything menacing!

  • $39.95

The Devil’s Tale

Dark and somber. Building with intensity and determination to a final glorious, finish as the Devil gets his due! Featuring, electronic elements, animated strings and brass with epic drums. Works well for a dark adventure, dangerous mission, or quest as well as a movie trailer or video game.

  • $69.95

Tropical Sunshine

Bouncy and happy. Featuring a Tropical Island groove with Reggae influences. Melodic horns create a cheerful and celebratory mood. Caribbean travel, tropical settings, beach parties, summer.

  • $39.95

Tipsy In Tuscany

A campy and quirky Italian flavored cue with a circus, comedic vibe. Features electric guitar, mandolin, accordion, bells and tuba. Drunks, Cartoons, Bumbling Cops, Inept Crooks, Mediterranean Travel.

  • $39.95

Warm And Tender

Warm and peaceful, featuring acoustic guitar and a heartfelt melody that creates a romantic mood. Romance, Nature, Earthy, Organic, Emotions, Wedding, Family.

  • $39.95

Americana Acoustic Folk

Up-beat and building featuring acoustic guitar and piano. In the style of Americana, new country, acoustic folk. Creates a warm, positive and uplifting mood. Great for a earthy, human spirit, heartland, home type feel.

  • $39.95