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Pulsing Moonbeams EDM

Bouncy and upbeat, featuring a driving four on the floor dance groove and pulsing electronic elements that creates an innovative feel. Party, Good-times, Innovation, Technology, Motion

  • $39.95

Heroic Measures

Driving and bold, featuring aggressive guitar and exotic world elements. Pulsing electronic elements that create action and intrigue. Action, Adventure, Video Games, Global, World, Discovery, Exotic, Ethnic.

  • $$49.95

Free And Easy

Bright and bouncy, featuring a driving Latin Pop groove, and a smooth melody that creates a happy and carefree mood. Innovation, Fashion, Luxury, Technology, Cocktail Party, Nightclub.

  • $39.95

Tango Mischief

Bouncy and bright, in the style of Tango, featuring melodic violin, marimba and light winds creating a humorous yet suspenseful mood. Comedy, parties, drunks, cartoons, bumbling cops, inept crooks, rom-com, mischief, tropical, children, kids.

  • $39.95


A very sweet, slow, orchestral arrangement of the familiar French children’s song. Features a delicate sparkling celesta complemented by cello, oboe and finally adding a string quartet. Tranquil, dreamy, calm and delicate. Perfect for those baby bedtime scenes.

  • $39.95

Texas BBQ

Upbeat and bouncy country bed featuring electric guitar, acoustic guitar and pedal steel. Cheerful and easy going. Country bars, rural settings, Smokey Mountains, fishing, Americana, roots music, lodging, backwoods, honky tonk, moonshine, hardware adverts, travel, cooking, barbecues, nature, outdoor shows.

  • $39.95

Pure Sunshine

Upbeat, happy-go-lucky, carefree youthful pop track. Features energetic guitars, catchy synthesizer lines, lively beat and positive vibes. Versatile – Kids, tweens, teens, youthful fashion, travel, adventure, corporate branding, positive and fun image.

  • $39.95

Race To The Finish

Bouncy and radiant with indie rock elements, featuring bright synthesizer and electric guitar that creates a determined, enthusiastic mood. Road Trip, Youth, Good Times, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Teen, Sunshine, Summer, Fun.

  • $39.95

Happy Face

Bright and upbeat, with a driving Pop-Rock feel. Featuring acoustic piano, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Creates a positive and enthusiastic mood. Youthful, Teen, Celebration, Road Trip.

  • $39.95

Feres Jacques

In this traditional French children’s song we hear the playful melody carried by a warm bell like instrument. A subtle pulsing groove provides a trance-like atmosphere. Later, the introduction of harpsichord, cello and flute injects an unexpected element of the traditional mixed in with the contemporary electronic instruments.

  • $39.95

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