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The Farmer In The Dell

This is a cheerful, sweet and gentle, arrangement of the old favorite. A Shakahachi flute outlines the melody soon accompanied by an African thumb piano as it builds with, harmonium, fiddle, percussion and playful percussion. A “world music” version of this beloved classic.

  • $39.95

Feel Good – 60 Second

Upbeat and energetic. Funk track featuring electric guitar and punchy horns. Layered with percolating synths and smokin’ sax solo. Party, Celebration, Blaxploitation, Afro-American, Sports, Comedy, Play Ons, Game Shows.

  • $39.95

Showtime Rock – 15 Second

Upbeat and driving retro pop rock instrumental. Melodic and anthemic featuring rock guitar and acoustic piano with synthesizer textures. Creates a positive and uplifting tone. Opening theme, morning show, daytime talk show, cooking show, game shoe, corporate, lifestyle, infomercials, phone on hold.

  • $39.95

Urban Renewal – Loop

Rhythmic and dark, featuring light industrial elements and a bouncy groove that creates suspense. Works for dark urban settings, that might include crime, gangsters or pimps.

  • $19.95

Snake River – 60 Second

Laid back and gritty Southern blues rock. Featuring guitar riff with heavy bass and drums. Bold and aggressive. Suitable for any macho, blue collar, trucker type scenarios.

  • $39.95

Energy Bounce – Loop

Energetic and bouncy, featuring a driving groove and synthetic textures. Cheerful and uplifting. Parties, Clubs, Adventure, Pop Culture, Euro.

  • $19.95

Joy And Hope – DnB

Bright and inspirational. Featuring a melodic acoustic piano and warm synth textures. Builds to a driving climax that creates a feeling of hope and joy. Uplifting and inspiring. Motivation, Promotion, Teamwork

  • $29.95

Somber Reflections – 60 Second

A dark introduction leads to smooth strings, pulsing electronic rhythms and an introspective melody that creates a somber yet warm mood. CSI, Underscore, Investigative.

  • $39.95

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear – 15 Second

Mellow and peaceful featuring english horn, french horn and strings. Sets a heartwarming and sentimental mood. Christmas, adverts, children, holiday.

  • $39.95

Two For Cocktails – Loop

Bouncy and bright, featuring warm Rhodes keyboard and light Jazzy female scatting that creates a feel-good mood. Dramedy, Exotica, Easy Listening, Kitsch, Comedy, Quirky

  • $19.95