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Triumphant Heroes

Bold and majestic, thematic in the style of John Williams. Featuring acoustic piano, soaring strings, majestic horns and driving cinematic drums. Creates an adventurous and triumphant mood. Cinematic, Americana, Big Sky, Adventure, Exploration, Sports.

  • $39.95

Upbeat Electro-Pop

Upbeat and building, featuring smooth synth textures, distorted guitar and atmospheric elements that create determination and confidence. Innovation, Futuristic, Motion, Extreme Sports, Building

  • $39.95

Funk Feel Good

Driving with a heavy backbeat funk groove, gritty synth textures, horns and pulsing electronic elements. Confident and positive. Sports, action, adventure, comedy, cartoon, reality TV.

  • $39.95

Xtreme Power

Upbeat, heavy and building. Featuring driving distorted guitars and drums. Creates a masculine and aggressive mood. Xtreme Sports, Sports Rock, NASCAR, Surfing, Flying, Skiing, Snowboarding, Racing, Adventure, Biker Bars, Jetsking, Wipeouts.

  • $39.95

Criminal Chaos

Bouncy and energetic with an upbeat breakbeat groove featuring acoustic bass, rock guitar and congas. Urgent and anxious in the style of Snatch and Ocean’s 12. Sports, Crime, Adventure, Conflict, Extreme Sports, Suspense, Tension, Fight, Chase.

  • $39.95

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