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Make New Friends

A happy, cheerful and bright instrumental of this old favorite. Featuring acoustic piano, kalimba, toy percussion and recorder, played as a musical “round”. Would work for children playing, cute animals, cartoons and mischievous toddlers, game shows.

  • $39.95

Children Marching

Bouncy and upbeat. Featuring flute, marimba and orchestra that creates a whimsical and playful mood. Great for kids, cartoons, kid shows, toy commercials and children adventures.

  • $39.95

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

A warm and sweet translation of this favorite children’s song opens with acoustic piano (Just like your second grade teacher played it!) accompanied by acoustic guitar arpeggios and an elegant string obbligato.

  • $39.95

Feres Jacques

In this traditional French children’s song we hear the playful melody carried by a warm bell like instrument. A subtle pulsing groove provides a trance-like atmosphere. Later, the introduction of harpsichord, cello and flute injects an unexpected element of the traditional mixed in with the contemporary electronic instruments.

  • $39.95


A very sweet, slow, orchestral arrangement of the familiar French children’s song. Features a delicate sparkling celesta complemented by cello, oboe and finally adding a string quartet. Tranquil, dreamy, calm and delicate. Perfect for those baby bedtime scenes.

  • $39.95

Row Row Row Your Boat

Fun and playful! This re-imagined version of the traditional children’s song features a rollicking accordion playing leap frog with a child’s orchestra of percussion, bells, whistles and even a duck quack! You can literally hear the little paddles splashing around in the stream. Perfect for the “under 5” crowd, or for people who just want to feel that way again. One word: Adorable!

  • $39.95

Brahms Lullaby

Peaceful and delicate. A traditional arrangement of a universally loved lullaby featuring a solo music box then joined by a mother’s voice, humming along, lulling her child to sleep.

  • $39.95

Gnomes Marching

Bouncy and upbeat. Happy and cheerful featuring acoustic piano, Tuba and whistle that creates a whimsical and playful mood. Cartoons, Comedy, Animation, Adventure, Kids, Games, Sitcom.

  • $39.95

Old McDonald Had A Farm

If you want a heart-warming version of this classic that will tickle your little one’s funny bone, this is it! It opens with a tuba introducing the familiar melody, and then the piano takes over with the tuba doing the oom-pah-pah bass line. There is a sprinkling of light bells and a flute playing descant above a little snare drum. You can almost hear the old farmer galumphing around the fields accompanied by a parade of little farm animals. This one, literally, has all the “bells and whistles”!

  • $39.95

Wheels On The Bus

Just watch the little ones dancing along to this timeless favorite! You can’t help but smile when you hear the steady and pervasive toe-tapping rhythm chugging along under the toy piano and the calliope melody. In this version there is a “Mommy” playfully singing three verses of the song. The tuba plays an outstanding oom-pah-pah bass and it all comes to a happy, satisfying conclusion just in time for milk and cookies. Vocal sung by Robin Munson.

  • $39.95

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