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Showtime Rock

Upbeat and driving retro pop rock instrumental. Melodic and anthemic featuring rock guitar and acoustic piano with synthesizer textures. Creates a positive and uplifting tone. Opening theme, morning show, daytime talk show, cooking show, game shoe, corporate, lifestyle, infomercials, phone on hold.

  • $39.95


Warm with a Folk, Soft-Pop groove, featuring acoustic guitar and a light piano melody that creates a satisfied and positive mood. Family, Home, Dreamy, Soft Sell, Floating, Corporate.

  • $39.95

Motivating and Positive

Uplifting and inspirational. Featuring acoustic piano, celesta and warm strings. Builds to a confident climax that creates a feeling of hope and inspiration. Motivating and Positive. Promotion, Teamwork, Corporate, Presentations, Commercials.

  • $39.95

Flying High

Inspirational, uplifting and building. Beautiful and dramatic music featuring acoustic piano layered with strings, brass and electronic elements. Optimistic and hopeful. Human Drama, Corporate, Empowerment, Videos, Slideshows, Photo Backgrounds, Ads.

  • $39.95

Americana Home

Warm and happy, featuring melodic electric guitar and bright acoustic guitar. Creates an enthusiastic and heartwarming mood. Corporate, Soft Sell, Infomercials, Day Time Talk, Theme, Commercial.

  • $39.95

Win Power

Upbeat and bright. Pop-rock track featuring electric guitars, lush synths plus driving drums and bass that creates an uplifting and inspirational mood. Corporate, Information, Business, Winning, Teamwork, Advertising, Infomercial.

  • $39.95

Driving Ambition

Driving and determined, featuring propulsive synthesizer, vibrant keyboards, and pop rock drums that create an unstoppable, enthusiastic mood. News-Breaking, Corporate, Business, Financial, Innovation

  • $39.95

Smooth And Inspiring

Smooth and flowing building to a bright Pop groove. Features a warm piano melody and trumpet with soaring strings. Proud and inspirational. Dreams, Corporate, Business, Financial, Soft Sell, Discovery, Lifestyle, Sophisticated, Luxury.

  • $39.95

Americana Country

Uptempo Country, Pop Rock in the style of Dire Straits. Featuring melodic guitar theme, slide guitar and a straight ahead groove. Road Trip, Adventure, Corporate, Summer.

  • $39.95

Energy Rush

Energetic and upbeat. Featuring pulsing electronic elements, funky groove and bouncy synths creating a busy and chaotic mood. Science, Technology, Information, Business, Corporate, Multimedia, Report.

  • $39.95

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