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Funk In Da House

Bouncy and bright with an R&B Funk groove, featuring Jazzy horns and electronic elements that create a happy and celebratory mood. Celebration, Good-Times, Vintage.

  • $39.95

Funk Feel Good

Driving with a heavy backbeat funk groove, gritty synth textures, horns and pulsing electronic elements. Confident and positive. Sports, action, adventure, comedy, cartoon, reality TV.

  • $39.95

Downtown Funk

Bouncy and rhythmic, featuring funk bass, synth melody and bright horn punches create a driving and determined mood. Vintage, Urban, Good-Times, Party.

  • $39.95

Good N Funky

Upbeat and energetic featuring driving funk guitar, punchy horns and exciting groove. Hip and slick. Blaxploitation, Vintage, Detective, Retro

  • $39.95

Celebration Funk House

Energetic and funky dance track features a busy, old school, bugaloo, bass line. Layered with techno percussion, bongos, unusual scratching EFX and a Memphis soul horn section. It’s a funk celebration! Great for play ons, travel, parties, dance clubs, game shows, discos, bars.

  • $39.95

Swing Town

Upbeat, energetic and bouncy. Featuring a funky horn section and playful rhythm elements that create a festive and lively mood. Great for parties, celebrations, advertisements and hipster settings.

  • $39.95

Cool Kids

Upbeat and bouncy, featuring funky horns, bright electric guitars and a groove that creates an enthusiastic and playful mood. Comedic, Reality TV, Kids, Party, Celebration, Funky, Rhythmic, Groove.

  • $39.95

Good Time Funk

Jumpy and bouncy, featuring funky wah wah guitar, bright synthesizer, and driving synth drums that create a feel-good, sophisticated mood. Retro, Soul, Good Times, Fashion.

  • $39.95

Rocker Funk

Bouncy old school bugaloo bass line and driving rock piano propel this happy, feel-good track. Funky guitar and punchy Memphis horn section add to the positive and upbeat vibe. Play ons, Game Shows, Day Time Talk, Reality TV, Blaxploitation, Vintage, Detective, Retro.

  • $39.95

Booty Shaker

Upbeat with a driving R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk groove, featuring “talking” wah wah guitar, festive sax riff, bouncy synth bass and bright organ that creates a positive and energetic mood. Play Ons, Game Shows, Day Time Talk, Reality TV.

  • $39.95

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