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Bollywood Action Hero

Driving and bold, featuring aggressive guitar and exotic world elements. Pulsing electronic elements that create action and intrigue. Action, Adventure, Video Games, Global, World, Discovery, Exotic, Ethnic.

  • $39.95

Heroic Adventure

Building and dramatic, featuring orchestral elements mixed with electronic textures that create tension and adventure. Spy, Heist, Espionage, Chase, War, Action, Adventure, Tension, Anticipation.

  • $39.95

Heroic Drama Action

Building and dramatic, featuring lush strings, dark brass and reflective Spanish Flamenco style acoustic guitar. Creates a dark and foreboding mood. Action, Adventure, Swashbuckling, Pirates.

  • $39.95

Adventure Junkie

Energetic and rhythmic. Orchestral meets techno featuring pulsing electronic textures, strings, brass and a thematic melody. Builds to a strong climatic ending. Adventurous and determined. Adventure, Action, Sports, Games.

  • $39.95

Global Adventure

Building and rhythmic. Dramatic orchestral track with pulsing synth textures. Great for depicting wild adventures in any part of the world! Determined and triumphant. Drama, Action, Adventure, Sports.

  • $39.95

Extreme Action-MJ

Upbeat with a driving Rock groove, featuring spacey electric guitar and pulsing electronic elements that create an energetic, determined mood. Xtreme Sports, Sports, NASCAR, Motion, Surfing, Snowboarding.

  • $39.95

Battle Lines

Building and driving, featuring a fusion of dramatic orchestral textures and electronic elements that create an heroic, action packed, adventurous mood. Action, Adventure, Bravery, Heroic Effort, Team Effort, Sports.

  • $39.95

War Games

Building and driving. Aggressive strings, soaring brass and rock elements create an intense, powerful cinematic landscape. Features a fusion of dramatic orchestral and electronic textures. Great for action, adventure, fighting, video games, war or anything needing an adrenaline rush!

  • $49.95

Triumphant Warrior

Bright, bold and building. Folk Celtic instrumental with orchestral elements. Featuring bouncy acoustic guitar riff, Irish flute, driving strings and percussion that builds to a climatic ending. Perfect for adventure, action, sports, martial arts or travel.

  • $39.95

Ghetto Gangsta

Upbeat with a heavy backbeat, featuring a Hip Hop groove intertwined with an infectious synth riff, vocalese, EFX and Orchestral elements. Building, determined and confident. Action, adventure, sports, crime, news.

  • $39.95

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