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Ukulele Kids

Bright and bouncy with a catchy melody featuring ukulele, recorder and female “la, la, la”. Creates a happy, uplifting, youthful mood. Toys, Kids, Education, Games, Children, Theme.

  • $39.95

Dream Walker

Light and breezy, featuring acoustic piano, calliope, smooth strings and a lite synth melody that creates a dreamy mood. Children, Babies, Dramedy, Romance

  • $39.95

Busy Pluckers

Upbeat and bright, featuring energetic pizzicato strings and lite orchestral effects that create a playful and suspenseful mood. Cinematic, Comedy, Animation, Cartoon, Detective, Children.

  • $39.95

Sneaky Suspicion

Light and mysterious, featuring acoustic piano, horns and baritone sax. Creates a mood of light suspense. Comedy, Suspense, Dramedy, Cartoon, Children.

  • $39.95

Curious Development

Light and bouncy. Featuring a quirky electric guitar and organ. Creates a searching and curious mood. Great for Mystery, Dramedy, Cartoon, Reality TV or Children Shows.

  • $39.95

Sweet And Mellow

Lite and delicate featuring acoustic guitar, synth textures, acoustic piano in an easy pop groove. Atmospheric and mellow. Life style, spas, nature, family shows, children, kids, corporate.

  • $39.95

Atmospheric And Dreamy

Shimmering and sparkly. Featuring pulsing acoustic piano, electronic textures and atmospheric synth pads with Pop-Rock elements. Reflective and introspective. Building, Soft Sell, Family Drama, Children, Romance.

  • $39.95

Dancing In Light

Bouncy and cheerful with a catchy melody. Building, featuring acoustic piano, strings and orchestral elements. Happy and upbeat. Works well for advertising, children and feel good moments.

  • $39.95

Delicate Reflections

Soothing and gentle, featuring acoustic piano, flute, oboe and light bells that create a dreamy, enchanting mood. Discovery, Children, Dreamscape, Earthy, Floating, Hypnotic, Rain Forest.

  • $39.95

Playful Pizzicato

Light and bouncy, featuring pizzicato strings, disonant piano and percussion that creates a mysterious yet whimsical mood. Children, Detective, Comedy, Suspense, Animation

  • $39.95

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