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Sultry Sexy Hip Hop

Warm and bouncy with a laid-back, Hip Hop – RnB groove. Featuring electric piano, guitar and layered with electronic elements. Creates a dreamy, reflective mood. Great for human drama, soft sell, romance and intimate moments.

  • $39.95

Hip Hop Heartbreak

Laidback with a heavy backbeat, featuring a Hip Hop groove intertwined with Orchestral elements creating a confident and determined mood. Urban, Street, Fashion, Catwalk, Crime, Spy, Adventure, Exploration.

  • $39.95

Urban Renewal

Rhythmic and dark, featuring light industrial elements and a bouncy groove that creates suspense. Works for dark urban settings, that might include crime, gangsters or pimps.

  • $39.95

Hip Hop Reggaeton

Laidback and bouncy, featuring pulsing synth textures and a seductive Reggaeton groove that creates a party atmosphere. Puerto Rico, Miami, Havana, Tropical, Travel, Fiesta, Night Clubs, Fashion, Latino, Latina, Beach Party.

  • $39.95

Urban Culture

Smooth and bouncy, featuring a laid back, R&B, hip hop groove. Electronic textures and quirky EFX create a dreamy, atmospheric mood. Perfect for fashion, urban culture, clubbing, crime, lifestyle, street, slow motion or advertising.

  • $39.95

Mardi Gras Funk

Upbeat and bouncy. Featuring a New Orleans inspired brass section over a playful, jazzy, funky, hip hop beat. Creates a festive and lively mood. Great for Mardi Gras time at Crescent City or Jazzfest, Lounge and Nawlins, NOLA.

  • $39.95

Hectic Hip Hop

Driving and energetic, featuring, old school, bugaloo funky bass, electric guitar, organ, james brown horns and a Hip-Hop groove that creates a determined, feel-good mood. Play Ons, Game Shows, Day Time Talk, Reality TV.

  • $39.95

Funky Bounce

Bright and upbeat. Featuring funk guitar and a bouncy, hip hop, electro groove. Creates an energetic, optimistic mood. Futuristic, Groove, Good-times, Innovation, Technology, Motion.

  • $39.95

Ghetto Gangsta

Upbeat with a heavy backbeat, featuring a Hip Hop groove intertwined with an infectious synth riff, vocalese, EFX and Orchestral elements. Building, determined and confident. Action, adventure, sports, crime, news.

  • $39.95

Big City Hip-Hop

Chaotic, big city, street feel. Horns, orchestra hits, scratch effects. Busy and intense groove presents a very urban vibe. Very animated, works well for city life, pushy, determined and bold! Also works for industrial, science, technology, and machinery. Sting ending.

  • $39.95

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