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Feelin Good

Flowing and delighted, featuring bouncy electric guitar, keyboards and hammond organ that create a satisfied, reflective mood. Seduction, Good Times, Inspiration, Celebration, Hawaii, Sunshine, Vacation, Beach.

  • $39.95

Slinky Soul

Warm and smooth with a laid-back, RnB-Soul groove. Featuring acoustic guitar, bouncy electric guitar and delicate piano fills. Relaxing and dreamy. Great for soft sell, dreamy emotions and intimate moments.

  • $39.95

Funky Stumble

Bouncy and energetic. Featuring a driving electric guitar riff, funk bass and cookin’ drums that give this track a carefree and feel-good mood. Great for Day Time Talk, Reality TV and Vintage projects.

  • $39.95

60s Retro Soul

Bouncy and bright, reminiscent of 60’s Motown. Featuring energetic piano, baritone sax and driving bass and drums. This happy, joyful and upbeat music would work well for advertisements, retro media, radio spots, vintage productions and any feel good project.

  • $10.00

Detroit Soul

Big Motown Detroit sound with punchy horns and a solid groove. Creates a mood of accomplishment. Great for empowerment, sports, victory, motivational or anything anthemic. Big and proud!

  • $39.95

Motown Metro

Energetic and bright, featuring a retro Motown feel and a warm melody that creates an optimistic mood. A light and airy feel good track. Upbeat and positive. Travel, Cooking Shows, Daytime Talk, Restaurants.

  • $39.95

Groove Thang

Upbeat and bouncy, featuring funky rhythms, electric guitar and pulsing electronic textures that create a carefree and optimistic mood. Party, Celebration, Good Times, Blaxploitation.

  • $39.95

Festive Funk

Bouncy and bright with an R&B Funk groove. Featuring punchy horns, funky bass, and energetic guitars. Creates a happy and festive mood. Party, Celebration, Good-Times, Vintage, 70’s.

  • $39.95

Dubstep Gangsta Downtempo

Dark and gritty, featuring heavy synth rhythms and a downtempo urban groove with a confident and sinister mood. CSI Miami, NCIS, Criminal Minds, detective, clues, investigation, crime

  • $39.95

Happy Upbeat Retro Soul

Bouncy and bright with a retro RnB Soul groove. Featuring punchy horns in a vintage 60s, 70s style. Creates a happy, upbeat mood. Great for parties, celebrations, good-times or any project that needs a happy vibe!

  • $39.95

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